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hey everyone do you have two or more

video clips that you're trying to merge

together into one well in this video

we're gonna show you how to merge those

video files together for free in Windows

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we're gonna be showing you how to merge

multiple video files so maybe you are on

holidays and you took a whole bunch of

videos and you want to merge them into

one so you can share them with your

friends family or just watch them

straight through without having to click

on them one at a time today we're gonna

be showing you how to do that it's

really easy and free to do in Windows 10

so let's jump on over to my computer and

show you how it's done

alright so here we are on my Windows 10

computer and I've got two video files

over here on the left-hand side then

we're gonna be merging together today

and the first ones called cruise one

it's footage of our cruise to Alaska

last summer of the pool area and the

second file is called cruise 2 which is

of the same cruise just looking over the

edge at one of the water slides so those

are the files we're gonna be merging

together today now Windows 10 has a free

video editor that a lot of people don't

know about and it's really easy to find

just go to your search bar and start

typing in video editor and you're gonna

see an app that comes up you don't even

have to type in the whole thing it's

under best match it says video editor

app just go ahead and left click on that

and that's gonna load up the video

editor for you now it's part of the

Photos app in Windows 10 so it does say

photos here at the top make sure video

projects is selected here and you're

gonna see a big blue rectangle or I

should say small blue rectangle that

says new video project and I can go

ahead and left click on that it's gonna

open up a new video project for you and

ask you to name it and you can name this

whatever you're like I'll just call it

merged video and then just go ahead and

click OK and it's gonna create that

project for you now once you've got your

project created we need to start

bringing in those two video files that

we were just looking

and there's a couple easy ways to do

that the first would be to click this

blue Add button here and we just go

ahead and let's click on that and hit

from this PC and it's gonna allow you to

browse your computer for your video

files and you can see I've got them on

my desktop here and cruise one is right

there I can just left click on it and

click on open and it's gonna bring that

file right into my project library here

in the video editor though that's the

first way to do it and the second way is

probably the easier way to do it you can

just minimize your video editor here and

just drag and draw the video file in it

so when I bring it over you're gonna see

it turns blue in that area and I can

just drop it in there and it's gonna

import that video file right into our

project library now if you have 10

videos or 15 videos you would do that

for each of them and bring them into

your project library now from there we

need to move the project the video files

from our project library down to the

storyboard here at the bottom so this is

quite easy to do the first way would be

to just select the file that you want to

move down there I'm gonna only select

one of them to start and once you've

selected one it's gonna say place in the

storyboard right here you can go ahead

and click on that it's gonna drop that

video down to the very bottom into the

storyboard here how many the first way

to do it the second way and probably the

easier way would be to just drag and

drop that video down to the bottom so if

I hover over cruise 2 and just drag it

down and drop it in one of these black

rectangles here at the bottom and you

can see had dropped it down there now

maybe you put them in the wrong order

and you're worried about that no problem

just grab the one with your mouse and

move it over in front of the other one

and they'll automatically shuffle and

you can put them in whatever order you

want at this point

so once you've let them down in your

storyboard here you're gonna see in the

top right hand corner there's a video

footage and a player so this is actually

what you're gonna see when you output

the video so if I actually move these

back to the other order you can see that

that's switched because it's at the

beginning of the video with the pool

deck versus over the side of the cruise

ship so I'll move them back and if you

want to watch the video what the output

is going to be you can just go ahead and

hit play

here and it's gonna play through that

video over the side of the cruise ship

in my instance and once it gets to the

next video is just going to switch over

to the pool area so you can see that

that's what it's emerging together so

once you've got that all perfect now we

just need to go ahead and export our

video so in the top right hand corner

here you're gonna see an option that

says finish video if I go ahead and

click on that it's gonna ask me what

quality I want to output the video I

like to keep that on the highest one

here which is 1080p but you can select

other options then you just go ahead and

click export and it's gonna ask you for

a file location to export your video to

I'm just gonna click on my desktop here

and if you want to you can change the

name of your file I'm not going to do

that today I'm just gonna go ahead and

click export it made the file name the

same as my project so let's click export

it's going to start exporting that file

right to the desktop on my computer and

I think it's actually gonna start

playing automatically I'm going to close


there we go it's starting to play but

let's minimize this video editor and

it's right here on my desktop and I'm

gonna open that up and start playing it

and you can see I've got my video

footage of it looking over the edge of

the cruise ship and any second there we

go it switches over to the pool area on

the cruise show and it's not easy to

combine or merge your videos for free in

Windows 10 using the video editor if

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