How To COMBINE YouTube Videos (Without Using YouTube Video Editor)

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how do you combine YouTube videos

without using a YouTube video editor

YouTube's Video Editor allows you to

trim videos that you can't combine two

or more videos together so what's the


in this video I'll show you how to

combine or merge two or more videos

together using a free online video

editor and you won't even have to

install or download anything here's

before showing the two video clips that

I wish to combine here's video one and

here's video - here's after showing the

combined video clips of one and two

hello my name is herman drost if you

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notified about future videos here are

the steps to combine YouTube videos or

video clips quickly and easily using the

free online video editor cap point step

1 download the YouTube videos from your

channel you wish to merge together if

you don't know how to do this just click

the link in a card to watch my video on

how to download videos from a YouTube

channel to your desktop step 2 use the

free online video editor cut point go to

cap wink calm and you'll see all the

tools that they have in their arsenal

keep in mind that if you sign in to

create an account that you won't get a

watermark you can save your content and

much more go to video maker click get

started clicking to upload or you can

drag and drop your video files here well

you can also post an image or video URL

in the box here I'm going to do click to

upload I've got a couple of files here

video 1 a video to click open now it's

uploading the files I can do 1 by 1

square 9 by 16 or 16 by 9 so gonna be

for YouTube so I'll do 16 my 9 and I can

do fit buzz border zoom and crop I'm

gonna trim the video click trim video

then click the start box then I can trim

it all the way to here I want it in the

video if I click end I can move the

slider at the end so we don't want it to

end and then I play the clip and that's

a clip there click done I'm gonna do the

second video click trim turn down the

sound and I can move the slider down to

where I want to start it you take the

end slider and move it to it I want it

to finish

looks pretty good I click on the box

here I can also move the arrows on the

keyboard use these arrows to for finer

adjustments after got everything done

just click done I'll play the video


now I'm going to merge the two videos

together just click create says your

content is being processed

now I've got my two videos modes

together so I can sign in to remove the

watermark I highly recommend it can

download it I can edit it I can copy the

link I can embed it I can also add text

and shapes resize adjust timing or more

so click open and studio I had text

images shapes etc I can also share on

Facebook Twitter or Instagram so you

gonna sign in to remove the watermark

continue as Google says your watermark

free content is being processed let's

check the video no longer has a

watermark on it step 3

upload the merge video to YouTube if you

don't know the correct way to upload

your video to YouTube using YouTube

studio beta click the link in a card

here's a big tip if you have any

outdated content on YouTube link the old

video to the new video using cards or in

screens viewers will be quickly

redirected to the new video here are top

benefits of using cap ring to combine

multiple videos into one num 1 free to

use number 2 nothing to download number

3 combine multiple video clips quickly

and easily number 4 upload as many video

clips as you want number 5

ability to trim your videos number 6

ability to add text images or shapes to

your video number 7 no watermark if you

create an account number 8 ability to

save your content on cap ring with an

account number nine supports most image

Jeff and video files this includes mp4

mov jiff jpg PNG avi and more what if

you wish to trim an existing video on

YouTube without losing views comments

and rankings I'm glad you asked just

watch the next video on how to trim an

existing video on YouTube using

YouTube's new video editor thanks

watching and we'll see you in the next