Joining multiple videos together using avidemux

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hi and welcome to this quick video I was

creating videos with OBS software and

was finding that I got to the end of a

long video and made some mistakes that

meant I then had to redo the whole video

so I thought I'd could the videos up

into a set of manageable chunks and I

assumed it would then be easy to glue

the there is smaller videos to get there

to form one before video however I

haven't found any way within within OBS

to do that it may be I missing something

obvious I downloaded a few apps to try

it and found although some of them had

quite nice user interfaces and probably

did the job quite well

they had annoying adware and pop-ups and

everything I then found a program called

a vidi max which I downloaded from

SourceForge it seems to do the job very

well and has no adware or pop-ups that

I've noticed anyway so it's very

straightforward if I just close this

this is how the program opens when you

first run it and to combine video you

just open select the opening video that

you want and then all you have to do is

they append and select all the videos

that you want to append so then second

one you can do control a normal a again

and then that's it I've got a whole set

of videos now appended to each other you

can specify the video formats

so you can select how you wanted I just

leave those two copy because my original

videos are all mp4 so the output format

I just select the mp4 multiplexer here

and all you have to do is click Save and

give it a name and that's it that it

takes seconds if you convert the video

formats at the same time it takes

significantly longer because it has to

be encode the videos but if you're just

keeping the same format same encoding

then it's literally complete within

second or two and now I have one video

that encodes all of the videos together

into a single video so hopefully this is

useful I'll put the link to SourceForge

below and leave any comments if you've

got any questions or anything and so