CROCHET BASICS: The Magic knot | Bella Coco

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to do the magic knot

this can either be used for changing colours or just connecting and the same

colour together because you might be going from one yarn skein or ball to

another so first of all I'm going to use two different colors so it's easier for

you to see and you're going to take your working ends so first of all if we start

on this side you want to bring this end underneath and then over the top so you

have a little loop like this you're then going to bring that through

the loop and that's going to create a knot and you just want to pull nice and

tight on that knot you're then going to come to the other side and you're going

to bring this over the top and underneath like so

and then you're going to bring this through that loop and pull nice and

tight make sure that both of these knots are really nice and tight you're going

to pull on both ends and that's going to bring the knot together in the middle

then what you want to do is take your scissors and you're going to snip off

the yarn really close it won't come undone I promise

so as close as you can to that knot and then you're going to pull nice and tight

again and that is your magic knot