How to Join in new yarn - Easy Knitting tutorial!

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Hey Angela from creating it and today I

was going to show you what to do when

you ah run out of yarn okay so this is

going to show you how to add in a new

ball of yarn when you run out and you

don't want to just tie a knot because

you're not can come undone and if you're

making a project that you love and

you've worked so long on it and it comes

apart that would be the worst so let me

show you how to securely add in some new

yarn and you won't have to worry about

it so I'm going to use this pink here

just to show you how it will look just

so you can see where the new yarn is

joining in so you're going to begin by

getting ready to work your next stitch

as you normally would so you just go in

but you're not going to use this yarn

anymore because you're all out so you're

going to get your other yarn and what I

like to do is create a loop like this

with a little bit of tail about that

long now take that and loop that over

the top as if it was this yarn but

you're going to loop that in here then

go through and work it just like you

would a regular stitch and let that hop

off now what you're going to do is take

that original yarn right here and you're

going to loop that over the top of those

two yarns did you see that you're going

to loop it over the top and what that's

going to do is prevent a hole from

forming and it's going to really secure

your yarn in there nice and tight so now

after you've looped that over these let

that drop and go ahead and pick these

back up so now holding both the strands

I like to do about three more regular

stitches holding both strands just to

kind of secure everything so I'll show

you here so go ahead and work those

together as one one

two three then what I do is after I've

worked those three let this one drop and

now just pick up that long strand right

here and you're ready just to continue

your work as you normally would so

sometimes you might have to hold that

one down a little bit at first and then

there you go and you can just continue

working just like so and you can see

where we've joined in now what you want

to remember is that when you get to the

end of your row and you come back to

work these stitches again you're going

to notice that where you held those two

strands together make sure you don't

work those separately because you'll end

up increasing and adding more stitches

where you shouldn't have any so when you

get here work these as if they're one

stitch just like you would these so this

would be one this one right here would

be one and that would be one so just

make sure you remember that when you go

around and you get to working these

again so that's it and that's how you

join in a new ball of yarn and you can

see on the back here you're going to

have your tails from the yarn that you

worked just at the end of your project

just make sure to weave these in and

they may loosen up while you're working

so just give them a little tug till they

look natural on the other side and that

should be fine and just weave those in

at the end and that's it that's how you

join in a new ball of yarn so if you

have any questions you know feel free to

ask me in the comments below and just

keep practicing this and you'll get it

and have fun with it