DIY: IKEA Tanum Rug HACK - Make a Giant Rug - EASY

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hey guys welcome back to my channel and

today I've got an Ikea hack that will

help you combine two smaller rugs into

one big one so if you want to find out

how to make this please keep watching

the supplies you're going to need is two

tandem rugs from Ikea

a pair of scissors a needle and since

the red of choice I chose this off-white

kind of thread and literally all you're

going to do is thread your needle and

tie a knot at the end start on the back

side of your rug and pull it through one

side make sure your rugs are lined up

and then you're going to go back down

with your needle through the top side of

the adjoining rug pull your thread

through and pull nice and tight now your

needle and thread are on the back sides

of both rugs and you're going to repeat

the process that you just started and go

back down through the back side of the

first rug pull your needle through and

then you're going to go back down from

the front side of the rug onto the other

side and the beginning is the hardest

because you have to keep the rugs nice

and in line with each other but once you

get it going it'll tighten up and it'll

stay in place better and it makes it a

lot easier and you just continue this

process all the way down the seams of

both drugs until you have your rugs

completely sewn together and I thought

this drug was super cute at IKEA

I believe it was only like seventeen

dollars for one of the rugs but it just

was too narrow for the space and so by

joining these together I was able to

make like a giant rug for my office and

I'm absolutely in love with it and it

was a little time consuming I finished

it in about a day

and a half taking some breaks but it

looks so good and it was so much cheaper

than buying a big rug that would be that


I think this would work on other types

of woven rugs like similar to this one I

don't know how it would work with a more

traditional rug but for this kind of

like woven rug with the recycled colors

so it doesn't have to match up perfectly

I feel like it's a really good project

now when you get further down a rug it's

a little bit more difficult because you

have a lot to work with so I recommend

just rolling up the ends that you've

already completed them about halfway

down the rug here and it makes it a lot

easier to flip to the other side you

don't have to like reach all the way

down because these rugs are quite long

if you get the long size like I did

and that's it how easy is that this is

like such an easy hack I am so glad I

thought of this and you can see zoomed

out here it makes a huge rug altogether

and you do see the seam there but I kind

of like it I think it turned out really

great and they stay together now instead

of if you were to display them on the

ground that would totally slide apart so

I'm really happy with the way this

turned out

I've got another IKEA hack planned for

you guys so keep on the lookout for that

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thanks for watching bye