How to join 2 pieces of wood at the corner

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good morning today we're going to talk

about how to join two pieces of wood in

the corner because if we were making a

shelf or a box or nearly every project

you're going to do you're gonna have to

join wood together so the most simple

way to do that is with a nail and a

hammer I've got four pieces of wood here

and I put them all together I'm going to

have a box it doesn't have a bottom but

if I can join those four corners

together I've got the beginnings of a

box or a shelf or whatever I want it to

be now to join it together successfully

with a nail we need to drive the nail

through this piece and into this piece

something like this if your nails too

small like this one's too small you see

it penetrates the second board very

little so it's going to fall apart quite

quickly your box so you need a nail

that's going to go in a couple of

centimeters three quarters of an inch

into the other board if your nails too

big there's a danger that this piece and

this piece are going to split and crack

now there's a couple of things you can

do to help you with that splitting and

cracking it might even happen with a

nail of approximately the right size and

what you need to do if you look at the

end of the nail it's got quite a sharp

point on it and as it penetrates through

the wood that sharp point pushes the

fibers apart which causes the board to

split so instead of pushing the fibers

apart what we can do

take another hammer put your nail and

just give it a sharp blow on the top can

you see that the top of the nail is now

flat and when I Drive it through this

board instead of splitting the fibers

apart it's going to tear through them

and make a hole and then the board won't

split these two boards already longer

than these two boards by the thickness

of this one but that's not so important

I just want to make sure that I've got

all the board's in the right order in

the right place you can label them if

you like I'll say this is corner number


this is corner number two and so on as

so forth I like to put the work together

like this

I'll stand it up on the table just like

so but you see it's a little bit wobbly

now what I can do is before I start

driving my nails II can just mark the

thickness of the wood so I know my nail

is going to fall in the middle of the

board I'm going to put a nail here and

I'll mark the same on this end now as

you saw before when everything is up

here in the air it's all a bit

wibbly-wobbly and that's very difficult

to work like that so we can start off

with it flat on the table take your nail

you already gave it a blow on the point

so it won't split the board and you can

partially drive it so it just reaches

the other side and we can do that these

four spots now about hammers there's all

sorts of hammers on the market just use

what's comfortable for you and hold the

hammer down here not up here because

here you've got no power when you hold

it here you've got a long lever and if I

don't want the board to split but it is

and tap it on the head so everything's

wobbling around up here what you can do

to help yourself or you can just take a

piece of wood at 90 degrees you can put

a clamp here and that will hold it

steady or you can build yourself a

little G like this and with this G you

can hold the board like that place this

all up here and now everything's very

stable and it's not wobbling around

anymore you just looked at your boards

are flush on the ends and on the sides

and now with a couple of blows I'm not

going to assemble the whole box now if

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