MS Paint Combine 2 Photos - How To

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using mspaint this is how you combine

two photographs and make it into one

photograph first of all go to your I can

climb at the bottom of the screen

and open up mspaint now I want to

complete versions of mspaint running in

order to do this task so I'll go down to

the task bar in the bottom type in the

word paint and click on it now I can't

see what happened but two versions are

sitting there of mspaint so I'll move

one off to the side so we can see what's

going on here so first of all the

palette on the the right will be where I

combined the two photographs now first

I'm going to go open up my file and open

up the picture of a dog there it is

there I'll go to this one control ye to

highlight the entire picture click on

the copy icon go over and click on the

right pallet paste there's a dog sitting

there alright so back over the left side

pallet and open up a picture called cat

it's going to ask me to save it but I'm

gonna say don't save there's the cat so

I'll go hit it control a to select that

entire image click on the copy icon to

get the whole thing move over click on

the right-side pallet then click on the

paste icon now you can move this by

holding down the left key move the cat

image over to the right of the doggy put

it on there and that's good now the

canvas that this is sitting on I'm going

to enlarges to show you what I mean the

canvas this is

is far greater background sighs and then

the actual combined images so I'll click

on the canvas at the bottom right hand

corner I'll resize it so the photograph

is is the canvas is about an ample size

for the two pictures so there you go

then save the file save as cat and dog

and that's how this is done