How to join PDF files together!

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here friend of mine wanted a book which

I have developed in Yama's world running

more than 430 pages containing 36

separate sections I kept all the 36

sections separately

fearing making them as one file may lead

to this positioning of pictures and

graphs and also misalignment of

paragraphs suppose I have done that

going through all the four hundred and

out pages and repositioning and the rear

lining of paragraphs would become a very

tedious process so I converted them all

as separate PDF files but I wanted to

merge them as one file so that it takes

a book form

I searched the net force upwards to

merge PDF files I tried a few

particularly KJ a soft and italics

though they performed well there have a

few limitations for example they accept

only a limited number of files at a time

say five to ten fights then I came

across PDF Sam basic its functionality

is extremely good it accepts all the 36

separate PDF files and make them as one

file in no time it has other functions

also you will really like it

you can split one PDF file into many

depending on your requirement just try

this I have given the link for all the

software's in the description at times

the PDF Sam basic may expect Java

Runtime environment one point 8.0 to be

installed I have given the link for that

also in the description

PDF Sam Roberts and is also available at

a price but the basic version is free

well friends just try we shall meet