How To Combine PDF Files Into One - FREE

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Hey everyone today, we're gonna show you how to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file

It's super easy quick and free. So let's check it out

Hey everyone, it's Ken here from Northern Viking Everyday

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So you don't miss out on upcoming videos today. I'm going to show you how to combine multiple PDFs into one

It's really quick easy and free. So let's get right into it. Let's switch over to my desktop here and

Basically, I've created three PDF files already that we're gonna combine the first one page one with a ladybug

We've got page two with a bumble bee and page three with a worm on it

You can see them over here on the left hand side on my desktop

So those are the files we're gonna be combining today

And let's open up the internet because that's where we're gonna be combining the files

we're gonna be using a website for this and I just typed in PDF combiner into Google and

The first one that comes up is called combined PDF com. This is the one I typically use to do this

There are several other websites that do this as well as some do charge but combined PDF is free

So when we open up that website, this is what it looks like and there's several different options here

On this bar and the one we're looking for is combined PDF

It's already selected for me here

And when you scroll down a little bit, you're gonna see something that says draw up your files here

And this is where we're gonna draw up our PDF files

So we'll go ahead and drag those on to

The website and just drop them in make sure you drop them in in the order that you want the PDF to be created

so page 1 page 2 and page

3 so once those are all loaded up into the website, there's a button here in the middle that says combined

So let's go ahead and just select that

And look at that. It is creating a combined PDF for us. It automatically downloaded here in Chrome

I'm gonna just drag that to my desktop and let's open that one up and have a quick look

So here's the new combined PDF. It says page 1 I can scroll down page two and page

Three and it's all done. It's super simple to do

So I hope this video helped you out in combining your PDFs again

It's free and simple and if it did make sure to give this video a thumbs up

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Thanks for watching today and take care