Joining Boards End to End 013

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I guess I'm Brian McCauley and welcome

to the McCauley's design workshop so I'm

working on a trestle table and I need a

stretcher to go between the two legs I

really want to use this stocks it's nice

and beefy and it'll go with the legs

really well unfortunately I don't have

any that's long enough so what I need to

do is join these two pieces of wood in

the end so let me show you how I'm gonna

do it so I'm basically making a half lap

joint here and I've got my dado stack

adjusted to a height that is just below

what I actually need and here to start

out I'm just going to remove material

from very ends of Fords that way if I

overshoot it I can just cut that small

section off and start over and here you

can see my blade was not high enough so

they don't go together


so I'm making a very slight adjustment

to the height of the blade and we'll do

it again until they fit

and that there's a good fit and now I'll

finish the half laps on each board using

a stop block to make sure that the

lengths are exactly the same

and sliding them together checking that

fit and we see that everything lines up

nice and tight next step is to glue it

all together and with the glue dry I'm

just gonna run it through my planer a

couple times just to take off a tiny bit

of material and clean up that joint just

a little bit and because this will be

visible I want to lay out where the pegs

are gonna go symmetrically on the board

so I'm laying them right in the middle

of the joint and about an inch and a

half from the top and the bottom of the

board I'm going to be pegging this with

half inch dowels so I've got a 1/2 inch

force in a bit and then we'll put some

glue on the dowels and drive them

through the joint


and once they're through we'll just trim

them off with the saw and flush them up

with the block plane


and here it is two boards joined end to

end with a pegged half lap so there you

have it this is one way to join two

pieces of wood and end there of course

lots of other ways to do with are tons

of other joinery methods different hand

cut methods as well as machine cut I

could have just used my Domino and glued

them together that way I think this adds

a little an aesthetic appeal to it

though so if you liked this short how-to

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