How to extend laptop screen

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what is up guys ESA HC here and today

we'll be talking about having two

laptops so problem is not that having

two laptops is never a problem but the

problem arises when you are using both

of the laptops at the same time there

you have to move your hand from one

laptop to another laptop which is really

annoying and you might be facing many

problems while doing that so what you

need to solve is a pair of mouse and a

keyboard now these pair of mouse and the

keyboard can be either bluetooth or

wired or something like this which is

why this USB so let's go ahead and see

how you can solve that so taking the two

laptops you'll be installing one

software which is called Mouse without


now this software is made by Microsoft

and I will leave a link in the

description below from where you can

download this software then after you

install that software on your both

computers you will be opening the

software it will then ask for your

administrator permissions IDs then

another laptop open mouse without

borders and again administrator

permissions it yes then this kind of

screen you will see but if you have

installed it for the first time you will

see a passcode and the desktop name on

your computer screen and you have to

type it on another laptop this way it

will connect to your both your PC's

whenever you are connected to the same

internet or wireless connection this can

be either by an Ethernet or even by the

broadband I'm using via broadband so

let's go ahead so then you will see

these four options

you can even do this on only one laptop

because it without opening an

application it will automatically

connect to your another PC so you will

be seeing these four options what is

this is this software supports using

connecting four pcs at a time so I'm

using only one connecting only one so

they'll be looking it will be selected

and as you can see here to maintain a

connection this kind of message which is

connected and connected should be there

this ensures that your PC is connected

then apply and yeah you're good to go

then once you did that you can close

this window

and you're all set

so what and another thing what you are

going to do is take your keyboard and

mouse I am using this USB you can only

you have to only connect this to your

one laptop and once you did that you're

all set you are ready to use two PC's

and one screen so the advantage of this

software is that when you are Xfinity

here let me just show you when you are

using two laptops as you can see here my

mouse is right here on this PC so when

you will go to take your mouse and go

just scroll to the another side it will

come to your another PC here it is my

mouse and again following that so this

is an awesome

you can even transfer files like if I

have I want to transfer iTunes the

shortcut on my lap

and a lot of I will just go here and as

you see here this icon is travelling now

here in Thailand I will just leave and

it will automatically transfer the icon

so this is it thanks for watching talk

to you guys the next one base