Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together - The Easy & Strong Knot

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all right everyone today we're going to

look at how to attach to fishing lines

together this is good if you're using

some mono on the bottom of your reel and

you want braids just to be at the end so

you don't waste money putting braids on

your whole reel and probably a lot of

other reasons you might want to do this

so we're going to go ahead and take the

red line I have here which is we're

going to say this is the mono on the

bottom of the reel and then the clear

line here is going to be what goes on

the furthest off the reel it's going to

be what comes out of the pole first so

take the line that you want farther down

on the reel and this red line all you

want to do is take it and make a loop

out of it and hold it together so all I

did was make a loop I'm going to go

ahead just get my fingers in here in a

good way and I'm just holding it I'm

doing nothing but holding that loop now

with your braids or whatever you're

going to be attaching I'm just doing a

demonstration so I just got to Manos

here go ahead and put your braid or mono

through that hole and now this is the

part that's going to look tricky but

it's not all I did was put it through

the loop and I'm going to twist it

around and it's probably hard to see but

I'm just twisting this clear piece

around about seven times and it's hard

to maneuver your fingers but you got to

hold that red piece together that loop

together and I'm just twisting this

clear piece around about seven times so

we're going to end up with this we went

through the loop and then we twisted the

clear around the rat about seven times

and the loop is still there as you can

see we went through the loop and then

just twist it around we're going to do

now is take the clear piece here and put

it back through that loop

okay I put it back through that loop

there and now all you want to do is pull

and there we have two connected lines

give it a tight pull and it's not going

to come apart all you have to do now

take your scissors and just trim off the

excess and you can trim it'll even

cleaner if you want I get a little bit

still there I'm just doing this for

demonstration I'm going to give it a tug

here and as you can see fully fully

connected so very simple and easy way to

connect two lines there any questions

let me know and we'll see y'all later

happy fishing