How to Connect Two Computers Via Networking & Share File, Folder & Printer Windows 10

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for latest videos hello guys in this

video we will learn how to connect

computer wire networking and how to

share file and folder so I'll try to

make it simple so first thing is you

need to connect your computer using LAN

cable like this you need to connect your

LAN cable to computer and after this in

the computer one for example I'm showing

camper one this one you need to do some

study so go to your network and open the

in a network and internet serving okay

this is a camper one and now click on

sharing option so do exactly what I'm

doing here okay so here you will see the

option like provide gifts ID all Network

so first we will check the profit so

extend the profit and here check on

network on turn on network discovery and

turn on file and printer sharing and

shave it and it gets action second turn

on net of discovery and turn on file and

printer sharing and saving so now the

important thing is all network so in the

Oliver work check on turn on sharing so

anyone with the network access can read

and write so check on this one and also

check on you want to need bit encryption

and after this check on turn off awkward

photo tech

okay turn on this and save it okay

simply save this setting and okay now

move ship on option so click on change

or opera option and right click on your

Ethernet connection and go to property

here and then click on Internet Protocol

version 4 select and go to property and

check on you the pollen I greater so

that the exit I played us what I'm

typing here 1 and u dot 168 1.1 okay now

some subnet mask it will take automatic

like this in the default gateway type 1

and you'll rot one sixty eight dot one

dot two okay the preferred DNS server

you can take 888 888 for like this

click ok that's it from the computer one

so you need to easily compare what now

Muthu can put a 2 in a computer tool you

need to do the same setting just go to

your network that is open network and

Internet setting guru same option and do

the same settings like profit turn

unnatural discovery file sharing in the

guest do the same turn on at of the

study and in the all network check on

turn on sharing and then check on these

100 beat and turn out the password

okay now Moodle change order option so

they're leaving second computer this one

ok and go to the net and then property

you can enter protocol version 4

property and here you have the following

IP address check on this and here type

the one and you got one sixty eight dot

one dot two so here type 1 dot 2 and

then it will auto-detect subnet and next

is default gateway type 100 dot one

sixty eight dot one dot one so type the

text at APA does ok told the conclusion

here so before DNS server keep the

default ated it and that's it now you

have connected to the emperor why out

LAN now how to share it so sharing is

very simple just right-click your file

or folder which you are to share between

two computers like this I have a fold or

next up I want to share it so just right

click on it and then go to property me

and then sharing now click on share and

here select everyone and then add and

now check on read and write to everyone

share that's it now your folders here

done and not click on add more sharing

and check on share this folder like this

simply apply okay and that's it Dean is

the one method of okay don't be done to

do panic you need to do one in this lab

study and office I'll go to this PC and

network and here refresh it here it will

show your all shared computer and final

folder so I have shared the new folder

so you can see here it's showing in

network so new folder will show in

network so like this you can share your

file and folder in between to tempura so

I have this way help you type for

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