Andersen® Easy Connect Joining System Overview & Demo Install | Andersen Windows

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introducing the EZ connect joining

systems with this innovative joining

system smaller factory assembled

subgroup combinations can now be joined

together directly in the rough opening

making job site installation easier the

EZ connect joining system uses four and

nine sixteenths inch fiberglass

components to provide greater strength

and design flexibility for large window

combinations that can meet higher

structural design pressure requirements

our reinforced joining options are

available in three variations the ez

connect joining system which will detail

in a moment

Polly join combinations that are factory

assembled in complete combinations up to

12 feet by 8 feet and arrive at the

jobsite ready to install directly into

the rough opening and an easy connect

joining kit that includes the necessary

joining materials for individual units

to be joined at the jobsite all three of

our reinforced joining options are

hallmark certified for air water and

structural performance in this video

we'll be highlighting the ez connect

joining system this patented system

offers a unique and innovative way to

install large or heavy window

combinations in a safer and easier

manner the specified larger combination

is divided into smaller subgroup

assemblies that have all the joining

components needed for installation

factory applied that means no unit

disassembly is required on the jobsite

plus units are easier to shim and square

because of the reduced weight with

smaller combinations the fiberglass

joining plates alignment spacers and

half gussets are applied to the units

based on how the combination is divided

into smaller groups for example if a

project calls for a 12 foot by a foot a

series window combination consisting of

four transoms joined above four casement

windows the complete factory assembled

combination with standard glass weighs

about 540 pounds

if laminated glass is used the weight

increases to over 600 pounds

with our ez connect joining system

depending on how you want to install the

unit it can be divided into two or four

smaller combinations when divided into

four smaller combinations each a series

window assembly weighs about 135 pounds

with a standard glass or over 150 pounds

with laminated glass making handling and

installation at the jobsite easier the

following installation of the ez connect

joining system is for demonstration

purposes only and does not include all

necessary installation steps once the

windows are at the jobsite inspect all

factory applied joining components

install the first combination into the

left-hand side of the rough opening then

shim and level the unit and secure it to

the rough opening through the half

gusset and nailing flange now slide the

next combination into the rough opening

so that the joining plate of the unit

that's being installed slides into the

joining plate of the unit that's already

installed repeat this process until all

combinations are installed now that all

the units are installed

insert the in plugs provided into the

MOL intersections and at the ends of the

mold joints fill all end plugs with

sealant until you see squeeze out then

run sealant the full length of the fiber

glass joining plates and apply the

vertical exterior trim strip one quarter

inch from the top of the unit repeat

this process for the horizontal exterior

trim strips

next apply the endcaps

finally apply the full-length drip cap

to the top of the combination and your

installation is complete