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I have one Amazon account personally per

territory alright so in in Australia I

have my Amazon account here in us that's

run here in ours and does its thing in

Australia I have the detailing in

America in the you know so wherever I

sell the marketplaces I sell in I have a

dedicated Amazon account and that's okay

that's cool no dramas there okay what

you can't have according to Amazon's

Terms of Service is to Amazon accounts

in a marketplace so I can't cannot now

have a second Amazon account in

Australia alright so how the hell do I

do it well I don't do it what I do

instead is I find business partners to

work with so I think we've actually got

a couple on the call tonight so I know

bills on the call for instance bill and

I are building a business hit in

Australia selling some really cool

things Melinda's not on the core but me

Melinda are doing the same thing too and

a number of other unhu' for instance

we're doing a thing in America and

bloody bloody blah so so I have that and

the way that that works is Bill opens up

an Amazon account in his name and then

let me just pause my screen and then I'm

just gonna quickly go and log into my

account for you where am I not that not

that not that not that here we go so

here I am in one of the accounts that I

am involved in okay this one's in

Australia so the person whose account

this is isn't Leo name is Michelle she

will open the account in her name

and then she adds me as a user of that

account alright and that is fine because

my account I have loads of other users

so my virtual assistant can log into my

account the person what runs my Amazon

PPC campaigns for me can log into my

account the person that does my ordering

yada yada Alistar all of my Amazon team

they all have their unique access into

that account and that's done over in

this corner here in settings in user

permissions so you can add a new user

and then you assign permissions to that

person and I am yet to see a limit to

the number of other users that you can

have in an Amazon account so Wolfgang

what happens is Bill opens an account or

Michelle in this case opens an account

on Amazon in her name then she adds me

as a admin user so I get admin

privileges in the account and then I get

to work making that account make money

that's kind of how it works mate it's

actually really really simple

Amazon facilitates that for us and

that's the deal that I have with the

people who are in business with me they

put the money in I put all my marketing

skills in and it works really really

well and as I said I'm a part of

approximately 300 different products now

that we've launched onto Amazon through

doing this sort of thing and it works

really really well so there you go

that's how you do it mate hey thanks so

much for watching that video and I hope

that you got some massive value from it

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