BUTT TO BUTT (joining 2 pieces of lumber end to end)

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that's worth mentioning too if you ever

see a guy putting a drill bed in by

actually turning the Chuck and not using

the motor to fasten it on properly

pointing at that guy and tell him that

he's an and good freezing

cold Canadian morning to all of you so

I'm gonna show you guys a handyman trick

today if you've got two pieces of lumber

that you want to make into a longer

piece of lumber because you don't have a

longer piece of lumber in my case it's

going to be for the shed that I'm

currently building I need 11 foot piece

of 2 by 3 I'm getting a lot of my hard

wood two by threes free from work but

the problem is the longest that they get

our 8 feet and the shortest pretty much

that they get is 4 feet so I'm gonna cut

one down and I'm going to put them butt

into button head so once you got your

butt end down to size ignore all these

lines in these two holes here that's

another method that I did I was complete

caddywhompus you want to

find the center of it so you want to

draw a line from corner to corner and

then quarter to corner now that we got

our X we know where our Center is you

want to repeat the process other piece

of lumber you can still see the

leftovers of the abortion that I tried

to do now get one of your longest

threaded nails and we're gonna put it

right in the center but you don't sink

it all the way so this is a three inch

threaded nail so I'm gonna put it in not

on all about an inch that

boundary on my impacts dead so I gotta

use a spinning I go around

alright something like that is what

you're looking for now the next step

that we're going to do is the head of

this screw we gotta chop it right the

off you can use a grinder bolt

cutter your teeth whatever you want now

if you're going to use bolt cutters this

head is going to go flying off

as soon as you cut it so close your eyes

all right so now I got a pokey in all

right so now we're going to take this

bit out we're gonna put it to fit in

that's the same size or actually a

little bit smaller than that threaded

nail now on our other piece of wood

we're going to drill in right into the

the center of that right there

we're gonna go in about an inch or so I

remember not too far she's a nice

linkage she wants to save herself she

only wants to tip I have to excuse the

playing oh my gosh a little bit

here today we're gonna take this pokey

end and we're gonna stick it in the

holey end and then we're going to start

turning the pokey and clockwise what did

you do oh you

all right now you see it's pretty wobbly

but once the ends but up together like

they're about to there we go

now when the ends put up together you

really got to muster some strength if

you really having a hard time just get

one of your thumb detectors and start

giving it a whack yep we're gonna need a

thumb detector now with your head net

you just want to hit the one piece and

try to spin it in the direction that

you're going


there we go and our nice and flush there

you go look at that she's holding their

own weight just by that joint it is

pretty strong like like if I shake this

one it shakes that one so they're pretty

bonded together not so much the screw

that's holding the two together but the

screw just brings the friction between

the two of them and that really holds it

together pretty damn tight now to add a

little bit of strength to it or do is

we're gonna put a threaded nail toe

nailed through there well through here

into there and then we're going to do on

the opposite side we're gonna do it on

the opposite piece of wood into there

into there you're gonna want to use one

of these here go around the ones that

make a lot more noise


now that now that I can hold up a lot of

spaghetti I tell you what there

check that out straight as well oh yeah

straight is a board I guess I

hope you guys enjoyed this video and I

hope you guys enjoyed this trick and I

hope that you guys can use this trick to

your benefit and it'll save you from

having to go and get dowels or

do a fancy dovetail dovetail

firstly it's impossible and

secondly if you're in Canada stay warm

everybody I hope you guys enjoyed this

video and remember if you're gonna be

dumb you got to be smart