How to place a Bet From a Booking Code on 1xbet Kenya (Mobile Version)

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hello and welcome to another video on

how to use the mobile version of 1x bet

and by this I mean using the browser to

access one expert not the application on

Android or or iOS but I will be using

the the mobile version of the site and

for for this for this video I just want

you to paste in a code that I generated

from their bets and just show you how to

populate a bed slip from a code that has

been sent to you by me or anyone else on

one expects one expert that's you ok so

the first thing you need to do is just

you need to open the website and once

you open the website on mobile you get

all these options for the games that are

coming and all you need to do because I

already have my copy code copied just

click on the bed slip that shows a 0

down here once you click on it just tap

on it once and tapping on it will open

the interface for the for the bed slip

and all you need to do is just select

the section where you want to put in

your code which is between save and

download just paste in your code and

once you paste in your code all you need

to do is just hit on download once you

download you best leap will be generated

for the games that are selected and for

this bed slip I've selected apollon

limassol to get five corners and above

austria vienna to get four or five

corners or above a standard to get five

corners and above and Konyaspor from

jockey to get five corners and above and

for this bed slip I'll be a little bit

reserved and probably take maybe a

hundred thousand Bob and a stick or a

thousand Bob will give me about 13,000

can you see links thirteen thousand nine

hundred and thirty machines but I'd

always say that considering that this is

investment your investment

is remember that your capital will

always be at risk so you can you can

actually just even do about 250 Kenyan

shillings and you at least make some

good money that's about three thousand

four hundred and seventy eight two point

twenty five cents and once you're done

and I buy this I mean if I was logged in

so if I can just click on the X here and

if I was logged in so if you're not not

being just login into your account if if

I was logged in all I need to do is just

now click on place the bet

place the bet so if I click on it it's

it will prompt me to enter my email

address or my phone number and once you

do that in your password you're good to

go so this is how to generate a booking

slip from a code that somebody has sent

you on a one expect my name is David and

I'm the gambler and kindly subscribe to

my channel for more tutorials like this

and I hope to keep them coming every now

and then thank you