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hello my name is Ranma through the wire

USA and in this video I'm going to show

you how to use one of our DisplayPort to

HDMI 4 port hubs this product allows you

to take one DisplayPort source and

distribute it to four HDMI displays now

you can take the DisplayPort signal and

get the same image on each output or you

can take all four HDMI displays and use

them as one video wall now I have here 4

monitors already connected with 4 HDMI

cables the PC I'll be using has

DisplayPort version 1.2 out and in our

case it has a Radeon HD

7750 video card next I will do the

connection portion first I connect the

display port cable from the PC to the

unit next the HDMI cable

lastly the power

and next sweets are on the PC and we

make sure all of the monitors are done

now when you first start your PC you

might be in what's called clone mode

this is the single DisplayPort signal

being duplicated on all four monitors

now open the AMD Catalyst control center

and we're going to go to

and di infinity multi-display and then

we're going to select create AI infinity

display group now there will be a drop

down of the drop down you can do a two

point two two by two configuration or a

four by one configuration before buy one

would be if all four monitors were level

on in a horizontal arrangement the top

option is the two by two which is a two

on top two on the bottom allows you to

create a video off so I

as you can see here it is a video wall

but it hasn't been arranged yet

so right now it will give me an option

of four rectangles here now the blue one

that's lit up is is the one that you

want to select in this 2x2 arrangement

here so in our case the bottom right is

lit up blue so we're going to select

that one now the top left is lit up blue

so we're going to select that one now

the top right we select that one now our

video wall has been arranged

now we are displaying at 4k 2k 3840 by

2160 all monitor oli these four monitors

are acting as one video well I'm going

to hit done and the I'm going to show

the desktop properties just so you can

see that we are running at 3840 by 2160

in clone mode each monitor is running

independently at 1080p but here we are

at a combined resolution of 3840 by 2160

i'm going to close this and i have a

video to demonstrate

now we are running

Nvidia Walmart

this is a 4k video now as you can see

it's displaying across all four but when

I maximize it maximizes across all four

as if it was one monitor

so that's how you use our DisplayPort to