Roblox How to get armor by joining 16bitplay games group on SkyWars

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hello everyone this is purple rock 13

productions and today I'm going to be

playing the game roblox

and I'm gonna show everyone in the

roblox game how to get in here so if you

go with us

I wars game in roblox you'll see this

right here and you can't walk through it

the 16-bit play games so you want to get

in there and you want to get that stuff

so all you gotta do is leave your game

you want to go to groups right here and

then what you you want to go to groups

and then you want to put in here 16

let's see 16 bit play space games you

want to type in 16-bit play games just

like that and then you search it and

then here it is you click on it and then

right here where it says join group you

want to join the group so let's do that

and now we will get access to that cool

thingamajig so and then it'll give you

like some codes right here that you can

use and then you can comment down here

and all that stuff and then see the

members and go to the store so now that

we are in the group 16-bit play games

we'll go back to our games well let's go

to sky wars and let's play it now let's

go over here and we will have access to

it Boop and now we can get group Armour

12 wins group helmet 4 wins and he'll

620 coins so if I put this on

this one I have that Armour on which is

pretty cool so that's just a little tip

and trick video um I guess I'll do a

little gameplay maybe yeah so I'll do a

gameplay with it right now

cuz the game starting in 13 seconds so I

just will give it a try that's good our

stone the pack out and I'm probably

gonna die well maybe so I'm not the best

roblox player oh oh wait oh now the

round is starting in 11 seconds okay

should I get diamond blocks yeah I don't

need those so now it'll give you access

to this cool place which i think is

pretty helpful if you can't buy roebucks

then you can just win 12 and 4 times and

then you can get that stuff here we go


slowed it up let's get my bow out

boom special right here


field over here go somewhere else please

no I think I'm gonna build up here


this guy right here


see I'm not the best at roblox but

I'm better off with a bow because I


don't I mean I'm good with the swords

but not as well as I am with a bow you

know what I'm gonna take a risk I'm

gonna go over here maybe he won't notice

he doesn't know



come here


orders you go right there


should we go up


I don't know oh boy


get him get him get him get him


he just got a heal potion out what's

what I told everyone I'm not really good

at roblox yet I'm still getting there so

I hope everyone hasn't enjoyed this

tutorial video I hope everyone has a

great rest of their day I hope this was

useless wait is it useless useless means

it it's not valuable I think well I hope

this was helpful to everyone that's what

I mean and bye bye have a great rest of

your day bye bye