NCNG Retirement Services, SF 1199A (Direct Deposit Form)

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hello I'm Staff Sergeant Travis Reed and

today I'm gonna go over with you how to

fill out the SF 1199 alpha which is

simply your direct deposit form you've

probably filled out plenty of these four

jobs in the past but this time we're

filling it out for your retirement

pension so in section one block a you

have several things to fill out the

first one is name of payee that is

simply your last name first name middle

initial directly below that you will

have your address it will be your street

address if that is where you receive

mail or it will be a P o box that that

is where you receive mail it does not

have to be the physical address it is

the mailing address directly under that

you have the city state and zip code

below that line you have your telephone

number this will be the best point of

contact it does not have to be a house

number it can be a cell phone remember

to include the area code first

your next section is section b there you

will put name of person or persons

entitled to payment this name will be an

exact same format as a name of payee

which is last name first name middle

initial and again this will be the

retirees name right under there you have

Block C which is claim or payroll ID

number this is your social security

number without the dashes

over to the right back to the top across

from a you have D type of depositor

account this will simply be checking or

savings if it's a money market account

put it as savings below that you have

Block E which is depositor account

number this will be the account number

whether it be checking savings or money

market your routing number this is at

the bottom of the page and we will

review that and shortly right after E

you have Block F this is type of payment

it will always and only be military

retiree you do not have to write

anything in the blank just put an X here

in the block

black G is not applicable this block you

will leave blank after you have filled

up this top half of the form you will go

to the left middle section where it says

payee joint payee certification you will

sign and date only the top line

in section 2 you have government agency

name this is D F a s which stands for

Department of Finance and Accounting

services but you can simply put d f8 s

beside it you have government agency

address in this line you will not need a

whole address you will simply put London

comma KY for Kentucky skip down to

section 3 and here in the left side you

will need name and address of financial

institution for the purpose of this

presentation I will use State Employees

Credit Union which is SEC you and the

address that you see on the screen

to your right is where you will put your

routing number as stated earlier ensure

you have one number in each block of the

routing number all routing numbers have

nine digits right below the routing

number you have depositor account to

title this will be the name in first

name middle initial last name format so

unlike a and B above this will be

written out as you would write it in

standard form this concludes the SF

$11.99 alpha form you do not need

certification from your financial

institution and it does not have to be

signed from a branch representative that

covers it for the SF $11.99 alpha please

feel free to review the additional

videos to apply for your federal and if

you're eligible state pension again I'm

Staff Sergeant Travis Reed with the RSO

well we live to serve and we serve to