Facebook Groups: How to Get Your First 1,000 Members in 30 Days!

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hey what's up guys in this video you're

gonna learn exactly how to get your

first thousand members into your

Facebook group using some strategies

that I want to show you today so if you

guys don't know I've been growing

Facebook groups for you know the past

two years now is actually when I started

my first Facebook group and I have some

Facebook groups with you know a lot of

members of them I'm not gonna say how

much because some of them are crazy but

you know the main group that I make

public I have around 15,000 members in

there it's all around digital marketing

it's very engaged

there's no spam in it and all and I'm

able to get you know anywhere from a

thousand a 2,000 leads every single

month from that group alone which you

know is gonna make me an extra thousand

per month in my business so that being

said I want to show you some of the

strategies I use so you can get your

first thousand members into your own

Facebook group that being said I'm gonna

hop into my computer right here and

let's get into the video alright guys so

jumping straight into this the first

thing you're gonna do when it comes to

getting your first thousand members into

your Facebook group is first of all you

just want to kind of scope out the the

niche right so for this video example

let's just use the dog-training niche

right let's say that is your Facebook

group and just to show you guys some

proof of my group you can see we have

around 14,000 members in here pretty

engaged so this is like my main digital

marketing group I do have some other

groups as I said before in other niches

but I'll save that for another day so as

I said let's say we're doing dog

training right so that's kind of the

niche you want to go into I'm so are you

gonna do is you're gonna go over to

groups right here and as you can see a

list of dog training stuff comes up

right so you can see da modern dog

training behavior dog training help dog

training and bison support dog training

101 right so we have all these different

dog training groups right super cool

anyways the next thing you're gonna do

once you join some of these groups right

you just want to gonna join them some of

them will take you know a couple days to

get inside the group but as you can see

you know inside this group this group

has 52,000 members and just based off

the engagement right six hours ago

already has 99 comments a super engaged

group right I like this so the next step

we're going to do is we're going to go

over to the members

inside one of these groups okay so I'm

gonna go over straight to members here

and as you can see once this pulls up

right if we suppress see all admins and

moderators you can see that there's a

couple different admins towards the top

now this is what you want to pay

attention to so if I go back to my list

here all you want to do basically is

contact the admin and ask them how much

he charges for a group shoutout so you

basically just go in here and contact

the admin now in this case scenario

there are three admins so one of them

started the group right one of them runs

a group so I'm guessing it's this guy

just because his thing says dog trainer

at P dog sports and Training Academy and

stuff like that right or I'll give you

another little hack and I believe this

only works sometimes but if you go let's

say you just searched that keyword again

right so we go to dog training we go to

a group now if you find the group before

you join it right so let's take this one

dog training advice and support you can

usually see who started the group okay

so right here perv example created about

eight years ago by Vicky's dog right so

now I can go in here I can join the

group then I can go to the members right

just as I did here and I can see which

person is Vicky da right so I can

contact them and then I basically just

want to ask them for a shout-out right

because keep in mind we're gonna have

this similar group so you should just

have a similar group around dog training

that you're gonna monetize somehow

whether it's through affiliate marketing

or selling products selling services

right there's lots of ways to monetize

the dog niche so anyways you're gonna

reach out to the admin on messenger

you're gonna ask him how much he charges

to do a group shoutout right so

basically if you're wondering kind of

what group shout out with is if you ever

see Instagram influencers right a lot of

big companies pay these influencers to

do these shoutouts for companies so the

companies get more followers they get

more sales stuff like that it's the same

exact concept but just for Facebook

groups right super simple and in case

they kind of ask for a template all you

have to do is do something like this so

he would go and post this in his own

group and you would basically pay him

anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars

you can even get cheaper for sometimes

it really just depends on how much money

they're making from the group right so

that's the main thing it's gonna depend

on so to kind of sum up the template

what's gonna say just you could say

something like this so this works pretty

good it says we're starting a brand new

Facebook group for people who

specifically need help with potty

training their dog who wants in comic

group for details right so you can post

something very simple like that in this

case scenario the actual admin would

post this in his group so you would

probably change this just to make it

sound like him right so he could say for

example my my good friend right or he

could say business partner since he's a

dog trainer he's starting a brand new

Facebook group and then that could be

the post so keep in mind that admin is

already gonna have some authority in the

group so when he posts that in the group

it's probably gonna get a little bit

more engagement right people are gonna

listen to it more and that's why you're

gonna pay them to do that right so

anyways once they post the template

you're gonna get all kinds of people

that read this they call my group

because they're interested and then

you're gonna go out and reach out to all

those members and send them a link to

your Facebook group right so super

simple process you just join a couple

groups in your niche find the admin of

the group whoever started the group

asked him how much to do a shout out

because you're starting a new group

around dog training and you know usually

if you offer him 20 bucks you know

that's pretty reasonable and if they

post something like this right

keep in mind like this post alone you

know like like this one has 101 comments

six hours ago

so when you're actually telling people

to comment something and it's coming

from the admin I'm guessing you can at

least get a hundred members into your

group for twenty dollars you know it's

really gonna depend on the group from

what I've seen personally but usually

you can get a hundred members for less

than fifty dollars into your group so

it's a lot cheaper than Facebook ads is

a lot cheaper than you know doing

everything else or

you know it saves you a lot of time if

you're spending all this time

interacting in other groups and doing

all these things to get members into

your group and I know some people use

like a facebook profile funnel that

works well too but this is just a little

bit faster strategy to get your first

thousand members into your group pretty

fast all you have to really do is five

or ten of these shout outs and you're

you're gonna get your first thousand

members and keep in mind right

once members start joining Facebook you

know people are gonna start posting in

your group every day which is gonna

create engagement in your group and then

that's gonna give your group some

momentum and then Facebook will start

promoting your group organically right

and then it kind of just it's gonna come

in from there right members are gonna

come into there and then that's where

you can kind of start to work on

monetizing your group whether you want

to do a Philly marketing just for

example real quick right if we go over

to a site like Clickbank you can find

like we did what do we do we did dog

potty training for their dog right so

you could go to a site like Clickbank go

to the Philly marketplace and Leslie

just type in dog training or we can do

yeah let's just do dog training starting

out so if we put the gravity score up a

little just to weed out some of them we

can see that there is gonna be some

potty training dogs up so you kind of

just I think these two are potty

training products but anyways you just

kind of gonna look for products that you

can promote for your Facebook group that

your members would find helpful and you

know you can even sell physical products

you can create a whole brand out of your

Facebook group there's lots of things

you can do right you kind of want to

just scope out the competition and see

how to monetize but anyways guys that's

how you get your first thousand members

into your Facebook group I encourage you

guys to go try out the strategy let me

know your results down the comments I

love you love for you guys to come back

to this video you know I really tried

this out because this thing really

helped especially you know some of these

posts when you're posting this template

you know some of them could get 500 600

700 comments and keep in mind you only

pay to my twenty or thirty dollars so

you can all sudden get seven hundred

members for fifty bucks

so it's really like I said it's good

and on the group and all that stuff so

it doesn't hurt to test it out and try

it for your own niche and see how the

results are for yourself thank you guys

so much for watching I hope you guys

enjoyed that video on how to get your

first thousand members into your

Facebook group by the way before I go if

you guys are interested in learning how

to make your first thousand per month

with different strategies around digital

marketing go ahead and check the first

link in the description below I'll be

revealing my top 3 ways to get started

and making money with digital marketing

well that being said guys I thank you so

much for watching this video I'll see

you guys in my next one

and with that being said I hope you guys

have a great day