Server Gives ME OP Within 5 MINUTES Of Joining...

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hi ladies and gentlemen welcome back to

a brand new video and uh well how do I

say this okay so today we're not playing

on a Minecraft world and we're gonna be

playing on some servers but not not not

a server we normally play on as you guys

can see today I'm on this website called

planet minecraft comm and now it's not

sponsored I just happen to use this site

a lot and on here you can actually post

your minecraft server and typically a

lot of these servers only have a couple

people on them except for a lot of these

bigger ones here like cosmic craft 352

out of 2000 but there are some here that

only have 3 out of 50 players 1 out of

25 players 14 out of 40 through out of

20 there's a lot of service here with

not too many people on them and while

today I wanted to go and see if I could

get some staff ranks on these servers

then um well have some fun with it

now ladies and gents before we go ahead

and grab our first server here I'm gonna

be doing the shoutouts cuz you know I

know you guys want your shoutouts don't

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for it wait for it wait for it this

person right here thank you very much

but now it's your turn receive a shout

out in tomorrow's video okay guys so um

I think we should just make our way down

the list here and let's see what is

going to be the best server for this

stake galaxy okay this one this one

seems trustworthy here's the IP this is

say what version the server's for I

don't know exactly okay for minecraft

1.13 but go ahead and add this this

should allow me to join

ladies and gentlemen I'm trying to

connect to our first world here oh it's

working yes oh my gosh guys we're on our

first server so as you guys can see

there are literally 13 people on and I


Oobi I have the started getting

everything this person said welcome and

say howdy okay game plan we need to be

thinking smart here guys if I want to

become a staff member on any of these

servers I need to be smart

uh-oh somebody said it gasps boom a

fellow man of culture howdy friend

wait was my cover been blown hey maybe

I'm still go under the radar here III I

sure hope I am but listen I want to get

a rank here I need to be smart

okay let's type out the most the

smartest message that could get me a

rank hello I am from planet minecraft

looking for Opie you serve a review

where I'll be going over each block in

the world to determine how house oh gosh

what am I writing how strong your world

is for a fee of game-mode 1 so I can fly

I can continue my server review now that

is what I like to call a pizza I just

gotta wait and I mean I'm just gonna use

laughing why I was begone nerd wait

please do not make fun of my very good

skills I assure you I'm the best in the

business you know at first this person

was really hyped I that you know we had

a newcomer on the server now he's just

like hopefully gun you go it's the owner

on Oh

the owner is on hey Chris oh he said so

you all creative yeah that'd be epic

yeah dude can I please get creative mode

that honestly be so cool dude I can fly

around the world I could check

everything out he said bunk wait what's

Chris can we work a deal

meet me at spawn serious transaction

dude this guy the other heads probably

just like why for making a server of you

I assure you I'm I mean business all I

need is creative mode I'm not messing

around here look don't make me go in

this world over here you know what fine

if I gotta prove my worthiness to this

owner maybe I will I will go venture off

into this world and I will indeed get

creative mode you know I got a funny

feeling the owner has yet to say no to

it so there's the possibility that he

may actually give me some creative what

can I build out here I got kicked you

know what I'll do okay I'm gonna come

back to that server later in the video I

don't want to join back right away and

just start asking for Opie let's find a

second server that we can hop on to here

and see if we can get anything out of

them okay we need to find another really

small server something that barely has

any people on it whatsoever guys okay

you know I'm gonna keep looking here I

still I just want to find something with

like seven people on it something that

those are the trustworthy ones ah

punch craft now this one sounds very

trustworthy punch craft okay let's give

this one a shot shall we okay joining

into our second server here now we're in

punch craft okay

okay I'm gonna join this world and see

if I can get some ope from here okay we

have the owner and the admin on okay

they said welcome to say welcome

friendly minecraft players okay you know

what we're not gonna make the same

mistake as we did on the first server I

need to be smart and strategic here I

want to get Opie or create a mode on one

of these servers I need to pitch them an

idea that they will never ever be able

to say no to so here's the thing

how do I start this out I'm hosting a

server review looking for epic servers

to let me review them is this something

I could do here look guys I'm willing to

do it for free I just want to review

your server and just you know have a

good time on here and that's mainly it

somebody's oh I think somebody's on to

me they said are you the real youtuber

let's say um hello tree punch a tree

puncher can I please get your attention

hello admin I've got a serious business

transaction in the works here

I've got a serious business transaction

that works here could you meet me at

spot I would genuinely just want to meet

him at spawn and then just asking for a

bunch of oh it's fun okay guys we cannot

blow our cover here okay there's okay

where's the admin where's the admin at

I'm at spawn awaiting you right now ah

oh wait no he vanished okay man you

can't fool me with these admin commands

so I am looking to get creative mode

just to fly around and review the world

Oh griefing no griefing included I would

like to record it and watch it while

eating cookie I mean who wouldn't want

to watch who wouldn't want to watch

minecraft any cookies at the same time I

mean like that's a pretty that's a good

trade if you ask me look all you gotta

give me man is creative mode o P all the

commands on your server and that's it

bro you know to be honest I'm asking for

a lot I really have by the way guys if

you do this on any server you're

probably gonna get banned so I highly

recommend you not do this look just like

this person said lol do you really go

server to server ask you for creative


Katniss said I watched a YouTube channel

so Katniss is on to me oh no oh no so oh

so you need creative yes please that's

all I need just create a mode and I'll

be happy okay I just want to I just want

to have some creative I would love you


our world how about I'll just give you

fly well you see with creative I can

spawn cookie and I have a huge obsession

with cookies and cake at my disposal at

any time no no I don't want you to spawn

me them I wanna be creative so I can get

them whatever I want

okay can I have fly then please I mean

I'll take why I joined the server I've

been on for 10 minutes it says hi no way

I actually get fly I got look at me dude

I'm flying around this guy's server

right now I've been on here for five


guys I managed to keep it's my way

indicating fly on the server and cook

yes all of them please I would like all

of the cookies you have on the server

give me every last little bit of him he

says bad bad okay well I think I have

enough cookies here and I definitely got

fly well so could I possibly get

creative I mean if I got creative mode

that would just make everything so much

better you know I've been on here for

five minutes

I already got fly and I already have

four stacks of cookies I might as well

ride to get creative mode he says hmm

okay well that's better than a No

only for five minutes please I mean dude

I'm only asking create a mode for five

minutes that said you can take it right

away from me afterwards oh my god guys

I'm in creative mode

I am literally in creative mode right

now I have I could just do this look

look I'm in creative mode oh my god okay

you know what until the next time I ever

decide to join this world I'm going to

just have diamond blocks all in my ender

chest so I will never ever have to worry

ever ever again but I now have creative

mode Oh

I'm just gonna leave the world I've

created but you know what

that took me five minutes to get

creative mode now we got to go back to

the old server I'm gonna tell them that

I got creative somewhere else

oh boy okay okay I hope I'm not banned

from this first server we tried to join

all we're loading in okay here we are

hey guys I'm back so here's here's the

thing I just came back from another

server and they gave me fly four stacks

of cookies and creative for five minutes

and y'all do better because if so I'll

play on on here forever that actually

got arrived you can you do better cause

if saw blade on a year forever

he says this guy man I just want to fly

dude man I just want to fly dude that's

it man but what can I come on can't you

let my dreams of wanting to fly in

Minecraft come true I'm not asking for a

whole lot you know all the nice guy I'm

not I promise you I'm not gonna wait

wait he says slash bye I don't want to

but and I review your server for flop

for fly maybe and Chris is talking now

he says can and I said can I review your

server for fly I mean that's a pretty

good trade I'm just gonna fly Chris some

communication would be epic your bro you

know I just want to talk with the owner

what on one-nothing you know that's all

I want to do he's making it kind of

difficult he wants me to buy it okay you

know why how much is it to buy commands

how much just fly fly is eight euro oh

hey there's Chris look he's flying

hey Chris you can fly just let me fly

here we go are you look Chris I can see

flying man he's gotta let me fly see

look look I'm right here bro all you

gotta do is let me fly brother that's

all I personally I don't really want to

pay eight euros to fly because that's

like 10 bucks

and okay well I think that settles it

ladies and gentlemen in conclusion here

within five minutes of joining the

second server not only did I get

creative mode fly-in for snacks the

cookies but I also was able to kind of

get it without even doing anything

unfortunately the first server wouldn't

budge here but if you guys want me to go

on a bunch of other servers and try this

wollery with different scroller Franklin

let me know by dropping a like on

today's video guys and comment it down

below in the comment section your ideas

for the next video lessons that's gonna

be it for me today I hope you guys have

a safe and fantastic wrister day I'll

catch you guys tomorrow in a brand new


take care