How to connect to O2 Wifi

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hi there i'm erielle I'm an auto guru

and I'm here to show you how to use or

to Wi-Fi if you're out and about and

you're probably surrounded by loads of

Wi-Fi networks the Royal fill of

Internet music Facebook emails and

videos of cats all you need to do is

connect to them but you probably can't

they're closed off private networks now

this is all to Wi-Fi fast reliable and

free access to the Internet

available to everyone whether you're on

or - or not just look for this logo and

turn on your Wi-Fi then select the auto

Wi-Fi network to connect to a hotspot

you just need to register by entering

your phone number and checking the terms

and conditions now you should get a text

with your four-digit code that one just

enter your code press GO enter a few

details hit go again and you'll be on

the net but if you don't have mobile

network coverage so you didn't get the

text you can click here and by entering

your details you can access the service

for two hours and when you're finished

tap go there you go you're online you

now automatically be signed in every

time no passwords or usernames are

needed to connect and it won't eat into

your mobile data allowance cool easy