How to Combine Multiple Video Files on a Mac with Quicktime

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hello and welcome to a quick tutorial

for how you can combine multiple video

files using your Mac and the QuickTime

software that comes with it a lot of

folks are using action cameras in order

to capture footage like this Polaroid

cube here and many of the action cameras

including the cube tend to split up all

of the videos into small chunks five

minutes in the case of the polaroid cube

if you want the video to be longer you

want to have a 15 or 20 minute video

that a sort of goes across multiple

segments of those five minutes you need

to combine them and you want an easy way

of doing that on the Mac and using

QuickTime you can so all you have to do

is open up wherever those video files

are by connecting up your action camera

or simply using the SD card in order to

be able to read those video files you

open up one of those video files just

like you would in QuickTime it's a

rather large file but you see it's

exactly five minutes in length in order

to add the other video files all you

have to do is select the ones that you

want to add to that video and drag them

over to the QuickTime window so now we

have all five of these videos all strung

together you just click the done button

right there and you now see that it is

25 minutes in length and you can export

this video file in whatever format you

need to 1080p if that's the resolution

that you recorded it in you can send

that off to YouTube or share it to

Google Drive there are lots of options

for how you can share that video but now

that you've combined them all you don't

have to worry about the multiple small

video files and uploading those and sort

of deciding how those are sent out or

shared with the people who need to see

them thank you so much for watching I

hope you have a great day of learning