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after a long gray winter your patio may

be in need of some attention wet weather

and the lack of Sun can create a

breeding ground for algae lichen and

moss part from ruining the look of your

paving or decking it can also create a

slip hazard so it's a good idea to

remove it before you bring out the

garden furniture and barbecue for those

summer days and nights

first of all clear the space completely

removing all furniture containers and

ornaments brush away any loose debris

such as leaves and general dirt in the

past you'd have to attack the surface

with a scrubbing brush but now the job

has been made so much easier with

pressure washers pressure washers

consist of a pump which blasts water

through a narrow nozzle to create a very

powerful spray these are available in a

range of pressures called bars like lawn

mowers they can be powered by electric

or petrol motors most domestic pressure

washers are electric where another key

factor in determining how powerful the

washer will be is the size of the motor

measured in watts the higher the wattage

of the motor the more powerful it will

be so what pressure washer is right for

cleaning a patio a light pressure washer

100 bars would be good for cleaning

garden furniture barbecues and bikes a

medium pressure washer up to 110 bars

can be used for cleaning your car and

most paving and decking a high pressure

washer up to 130 bars is the ideal

choice for cleaning brickwork decking

and patios there are also specially

formulated detergents which can be used

with pressure washers for a number of

different jobs including cleaning your

car and patios you should also wear

safety goggles as the high pressure

spray can throw up debris at high speed

and as ever with any exterior electrical

appliance make sure you use an RCD


having connected the hose you're now

ready to start make sure water is

flowing freely before turning on the

washer slowly move the wand across the

surface and watch the ground in dirt and

algae disappear take care with plants as

the detergent and high-pressure spray

can damage them pressure washers use

water more efficiently than a normal

garden hose and some top-of-the-range

models can even take water from a water

but there are some accessories available

to help make the job even easier

including this cleaning head which can

be used on horizontal and vertical

surfaces once clean you can now replace

your containers and furniture all you

need now is the Sun