Pressure Washing Concrete Driveway

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hey guys a stocking today I'm gonna show

you the power washing video how to power

wash your driveway but I'm gonna do it a

little bit differently than most people

do it's a hold on one sec hey guys this

is the second video in our power washing

series if you want to see the other ones

you can go to our website how to

you can watch it there the other thing

you can do is I'm going to put up links

to any of these accessories and products

and so forth

that I talked about in the video I put

up on the website under the video so on

that page you'll see them on there so go

to that website alright let's talk about

what I'm gonna do real quick number one

I'm gonna show you some tips for the

average homeowner on cleaning and power

washing your driveway that'll make your

life a lot easier

save you a bunch of time and make a

better finished product for you so the

first thing you need to do I'm gonna run

through them real quick before I

actually show them on the video number

one you need to get a surface cleaner

surface cleaner is real inexpensive cost

you about 60 bucks I put a link up on it

use the surface cleaner do not use a

wand to clean concrete you'll have these

wave marks it'll look like crap it'll

take forever don't use a wand get the

surface cleaner number two and I don't

think I stress this enough in the in the

video is after you clean a section of

the driveway keep this in your pocket

take the surface cleaner off pop this on

and spray off the excess material

there's still gonna be a light coat of

dirt on the concrete you only get all

that dirt off the concrete before it

dries that's how you're gonna have that

real bright white concrete that I'm

looking at right now that I've actually

cleaned yesterday the next thing is is

understand the pitch here cement you

always want to you always want to

powerwash the lower side first and I'm

going to talk about the pitches in here

so if you have a sidewalk if you have a

walkway if you have a driveway they

typically pitch cement and you don't

want to be battling pools of water when

you clean so I'm gonna talk about that

understand that time equals cleaning

power so the amount of time that you as

you slow down with the surface cleaner

the slower you go the more cleaning

you're gonna get and I also talked about

the methods I also talked about going

back and forth and then a light

kote this way I talk about a bunch of

different things that'll really step up

your power cleaning and make it a lot

easier now I'm gonna do this with my old

power pressure washer if you hadn't seen

my video on this one this one I've had

for seven years it's about 2,600 2,600

psi 2.3 gallons per minute so it's not

an extremely powerful one but I've used

it for hundreds and hundreds of feet of

linear feet of fence countless driveways

I've actually used this in a commercial

setting we've done so much with this

thing and I think what I'm gonna do is

in my next video now on the website I

put up a link to a pressure washer that

I really like for the money and I think

I went ahead and I ordered it last night

so I'm gonna give this one to my

son-in-law and I'm gonna take the new

one that I have and I'm gonna finish

I think the sidewalks in my next video

I'm gonna use the new pressure washer do

the sidewalks and the curbs because

that's a little bit different so I want

to put that in a different video so

anyways this there are tons of pressure

washing videos out there I hope you like

this one I hope it keeps it pretty

simple I'm gonna show you how to do it

I've done this driveways several times

and it really looks nice when it's done

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I put out that sidewalk in the curved

video and I'm gonna redo I'm going to do

a restoration on this old fence over

here with a pressure washer and stain

and so when I do those videos you'll

also know about out there

anyways I'll stop talking let's go out

and let's start pressure wash so again

on my pressure washing video and I'll

put a link to a really good pressure

washer that I'm thinking about go ahead

and getting to replace this one I'm

gonna give this to my son-in-law he

needs one so I think I'm gonna retire

this one give this to him and I'm gonna

get a different one and I'm gonna order

the same one that I recommend on that

YouTube which I'll put a link under this

video on the website as well too this

one is 2600 psi 2.3 GPM and what I'm

going to do today is I'm going to show

you that you don't have to have a lot of

pressure that's about the right that's

about the minimum pressure that you can

do things like this really easily

this is the attachment that I use and if

you're gonna clean concrete you have to

I forbid you to clean with a wand I'll

say it again I forbid you to use a wand

you use this thing and I'll show you why

here in a minute so anyways I check my

oil to fill it over the gas stretch out

my cords I keep this wand and this thing

just plugs right into where my tip goes

I'll show you how I did oh yeah one

other tip I put this on that video and

maybe I'll put it on the page to again

but this is a pump saver this is once

you're done with this you're gonna put

it away for a month or months to six

months shoot some of that into your pump

attaches right here it's a little bit of

a mess so do it outside and shoot it

into your pump and that'll keep your

pump and get that corrosion okay so look

look at the nasty driveway you can see

this here this is my AC drain which was

draining over here and I did a video

about how I move that that was draining

in here and causing a massive mud pile

now I've moved it over here so we're

drains out on the driveway you can see

that that leaves kind of a moldy mark I

actually parked my truck outside so you

can see over here you can see where I'm

nasty this looks but I want to give you

a before and after on this to just what

this looks like so I've got really dark

stains it directly looks like hell I had

I didn't power wash our driveway last

year so this has been all a year and a

half probably since I've power wash this

I need to wash this I'll do the whole

driveway I always do it looks stupid I

think if you don't do your sidewalks so

I do my sidewalks I'll do this walkway

and I do all the sidewalks down there

and I also do it just looks stupid to

have a white driveway and then black

sidewalks so I do my sidewalks and I

actually do my curb so I actually do my

curb and this area here so I'm gonna

show you all of that I don't know if

I'll get that all in this video but at

least I'll at least I'll get the

driveway and my setup over here okay so

step number one is stretch out your hose

and make sure there's no kinks in it

then drain your hose actually spray your

hose and make sure all the air is out of


garden hose attached your garden hose

turn your garden hose on and then hold

this down and so I'll hold it down for a

good oh I'd say minute or so and you

want to hear all that popping go away I

actually used that kind of a t-connector

and I use that TT connector there so if

I want to have an extra hose especially

when I do the fence and I'll be doing

the fence later but when I do the fence

I always want an extra hose so I always

do a split tee there that's it but

essentially but essentially what you

have is you have these things are

spinning in here and spraying water and

that's all it does




the difference is not that dramatic

while it's wet it really is dramatic

when it's dry but I think you can see

how dramatically the difference this is

over here in this area so that's that

little spot I did and then this is the

area you can see where I've stopped here

now let me give you one little tip this

little thing has brushes all the way

around it and they kind of they kind of

have a tendency to grab a little bit so

what I do is is what I'm going when I'm

going this way I sort of just very

lightly just put a little pressure on my

handle to this side so this sides a

little bit more up and it slides a lot

easier then when I come back I'm

actually putting a little pressure at

the other way on it so it tilts a little

bit up this way and it comes back and

forth and you just do that back and

forth just move your handle just a

little bit and a little bit tiny bit a

tiny bit just put a little bit of

pressure back and forth this thing you

can see I'm doing this with one hand

real easy

yes I'm naked I'm naked because I went

and jumped in the pool because it's over

90 degrees so let me show you I'm going

to show you the area that's drying over

here I'm gonna show you a little trip

and a little tick that's a little trip

tip my god I can't talk each stroke you

know if you ever get in your car at the

end of the day it's like 200 degrees

it's scorching well the same thing

happens to your equipment your power

equipment out here it gets boiling hot

so let me show you a little tip that I

didn't actually have a little box on

here and all I did was look up under it

I just taped a piece of I just taped a

piece of wood and basically what I do is

now my machine is actually in shade so

this keeps my engine actually shaded I

still got plenty of airflow there's no

interference with the airflow but this

keeps my unit in the shade the other

thing you can do is I actually have one

of these that I made for the when it

rains because sometimes I'll pressure

wash in the rain and I have a little

umbrella thing that I made

my unit doesn't get wet so I took a

little break I went inside to had lunch

but maybe you can see this now this area

up here is totally dry and I want you to

see that my beautiful feet I mean

sparkling sparkling white and again no

chemicals whatsoever if you use

chemicals you're stupid

sorry put it that way but if you're

using chemicals to powerwash

cement it just doesn't make sense unless

you have a ton of grease or something if

you have a ton of grease and petroleum

and that kind of stuff yeah but don't

use chemicals on cement it's stupid well

let me give you a tip this most your

walkways that do this around the house

if they're smart they usually slant this

way and so you always clean this side

first why do you do that that's because

if you start over here all this water is

gonna build up here and the spray heads

will be battling a thick layer of water

trying to get down to the cement so

you're always clean you always clean

your lowest side first does that make

sense so if you have an area on cement

that's gonna be where the water's gonna

be washing towards clean that side first

then come back uphill if you can see it

or not this walkway tips this way slopes

that way so I want to clean that side

first now let me show you one thing else

about driveways all right so if you had

a good driveway guy he sloped the

driveway this way and he sloped the

driveway this way so it all slopes in

here the guy that did this one was okay

what that does is that takes all the

water down the center and creates a sort

of river down the center that's that's

the way driveways are supposed to be

done to cement driveways

so the water goes in in and goes out

goes down the center of it you know I

was saying this earlier and I don't know

where I'm gonna put this in this video

but I honestly believe this that if you

that if you will power wash your

driveway your sidewalks and clean your

house the siding on your house you'll

add ten thousand dollars worth of value

to your home I swear to you at least ten

thousand dollars

you take that old and make it look new

it's amazing what happens same thing if

you have a house that needs to be

painted you had a huge amount of value

look power washing is really inexpensive

feel either you buy one yourself and do

it or pay some of them to do it it's

probably the best investment you can

make power wash but don't just power

wash your driveway power wash your

driveway your sidewalks your curves in

your house then you'll have ten thousand

dollars value to your house minimal if

it's a big house you'll add twenty

thirty thousand dollars I guarantee hey

guys so it's a day number two I got more

than half done yesterday I spent a

couple hours out here doing this but I

wanted to show you we had a bad

thunderstorm last night but I wanted to

show you the before and after this is

after this is before and you can see the

difference on

you can see the difference on that for


hey guys excuse the noise in the

background someone's cut their grass

over there but I wanted to talk about

patterns here for a minute I do several

different patterns in here mainly to get

footage for this video but I wanted to

show you the pattern that I found that

works best for these surface cleaners

number one treat this and think about

this like a hovercraft so you don't want

to put pressure on this thing if

anything you want to sort of keep the

pressure off of it and allow it to float

remember it has these little brushes

around the edge so and those brushes can

grab so you want to keep it so you want

to keep it kind of light let it flow but

the best pattern that I've found for

this is and I'm gonna go ahead and set

up a camera unless you walk this watch

says I use I'm gonna do this I'm gonna

do half a square here and what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna walk back and forth with

it I'm just gonna walk back and forth

I'm gonna overlap about 30% on my pass

I'm gonna go moderate speed moderate

speed shift over moderate speed moderate

speed I'm gonna do that whole thing and

then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna

do one like coat this way and what that

does a lot of times you'll have these

path marks they really get them with a

wand but even with the surface cleaning

you still have variants marks when it

dries you don't see them really but I

see them oh because I'm OCD and then I

do I do that sort of back and forth

pattern then what I'm gonna do is you'll

see me I'll pull that green tip out of

my pocket I'll put the green tip on and

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna spray

them the rest of this stuff away from

anything that's clean and push it down

the driveway so I'm gonna stop the

camera let it run





all right so you saw me do that half

area and real quickly just so you know

if you see me pick it up all out that

head it's because I ran over a rock or

ran over a piece of mulch you don't want

anything underneath that head and while

it's spinning the other thing is is when

you're washing this off as the last step

if you see any like really bad dirt

stains or mold st. you go in there or

you can hit those drainage cracks you

can hit it with that power and all right

so it's pretty quick pretty easy and

it's real even and real smooth

though those lines that you get


hey guys so I hope this video has helped

simple ways of partial washing again

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