How To Wash Your Engine

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greetings viewers there at the car guy

I'm about to do something I don't

recommend and that is wash my engine

it's something a lot of you have asked

me questions about I decided to do this

and try this and just give you a few

tips along the way in case you do decide

to do this and I also want to see if

this is actually gonna have effect on my

engine so in other words this thing is

running perfectly right now I'm gonna

wash the engine come back in a week and

see if it's still running good and if it

is we'll call it a win if not well we

can say that washing our engine is

definitely not a good idea but at least

for today we're gonna make this engine

much cleaner than it is now

now here's my engine the way it is now

some of you can complain that it's dirty

and it is it's mostly just dirt it has

some oil on the outside here if you're

washing off oil I recommend you get some

form of degreaser something like that

that you can spray on ahead of time but

more than anything else make sure that

the car wash that you're doing this app

has is okay with you doing it because

some of them have special traps and

things for all this junk that's on here

and some of them don't so make sure this

is okay with the car wash before you

ever do it one thing to watch out for is

electrical components especially things

like your ignition and distributor get

water in there it could be a problem

also down here on the front of the

transmission and then if you can see

that really well but that is the vent

for the transmission anytime you have

moving parts inside of an enclosed area

you need a vent so watch out for vents

you don't want to add water to something

you don't want to add water to but

outside of that well good luck and like

I said I'm just going to try this and

see how it works out


this is where those degreasers would

come in really handy

I just wanted to rinse this off and see

what I could do

well there it is the end result it's

much better than it was before it's much

cleaner I can see things and hopefully

work on things a little bit better and

now we'll start it up and see how it

runs but before we do that I wanna put a

little more money in the machine and

actually finish washing this car here's

a closer look at my handiwork yes we

lost some paint but that was happening

anyway it's much cleaner the dust is


I definitely got in there and it's it's

looking pretty good like I said the

degreaser would have helped with stuff

like this a little better but I was able

to get the stuff off the transmission

just fine all in all I think it turned

out really well

it's time to start it up post washing

the engine ran perfect before hopefully

it still runs perfect see what happens

so far no check engine lights no nothing

still running pretty good I'm gonna

drive it for a week make sure

everything's still cool we'll come back

we'll check to see how things are then

so it is now officially one week later

and I'm going to start the car and I

have experienced zero nothing no

problems no nothing whatsoever it's

still running just as good as it did

before I wash the engine so in my case

everything worked out okay and once it's

warmed up you can't even tell it's

running now for me this was a complete

success my engine runs just as good now

as it did before I wash the engine and I

wanted to wait a week in between just to

make sure everything was okay and I have

everything's fine however I must say

proceed with caution if you're going to

wash your engine I can't tell you how

many times people have contacted me

after washing an engine and said my car

doesn't start or it doesn't run right

it's it's not uncommon so definitely be

careful around distributors ignition

systems sensitive electronics stuff like

that you definitely don't want to get

water where it's not supposed to be also

those little vents that I mentioned keep

an eye out for those you don't want

water getting into something that

shouldn't have water on it if you have a

particularly greasy engine or you want

to speed the process engine degreasers

are a good option you can find those I'm

sure at your local auto parts store and

follow the instructions for how to use

them if you decide to go to a car wash

place like I did I would contact them

ahead of time and make sure they're okay

with you washing your engine at their

facility while I was there I noticed

there were all kinds of signs and things

that said they didn't want you washing

law and equipment and all that kind of

stuff so I just called just to make sure

and they said it was okay so you

definitely want to check with them ahead

of time if you're doing this in your

driveway be mindful that everything that

you're washing off your engine goes on

your driveway or any your gravel or

whatever that's not really good for the

environment so certainly keep that in

mind outside of that if you have

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have fun stay dirty thank you so much

for watching I'll see you next time