Crashed My First Time On A Jet Ski!

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first time riding a jet ski ride jet

skis they said it would be fun they said


one croc record see do demo day get

mister cycle Springs right here Crocs

are back how's it going pretty good this

looks just like the picture I see that

tricks up it's like the one I've been


mmm so close to it tricks do wheelies

that's what I want to ride what is this

water every BRP product has a codename

when it's being developed the codename

for the spark

and make sure if you don't want to get

your pens wet don't have those not we're

gonna yeah

all rise first time riding a jet ski

yeah if this once back in neutral if we

hold it down it'll I'll in reverse

okay but if you want to get it more

reverse no no no no no gotcha

BTS is the biggest thing on the tricks

all right all right we're started people

Oh entering sport mode




answer that Willie accent wait I got to

let's try some speed

let's get it race

hello wheelies yeah yeah yeah

house one circle wheelies nice right

here Josh gang gang spark stunts a value

it woke you Dave

a perk it up a little bit why's it got a

little water fountain coming out of it

oh so we're doing a 3d CD test of

stability check the GoPro to see how

we're looking so since my first time

riding a jet ski I was on the back and

my buddy Josh is driving and I was

hyping him up a ton trying to get him to

go faster and faster middle guy however

was not happy at all to be riding with

us and he was really upset after what

happened next in this video

we're supposed to be winning

6iv TS I'm real stable though I got my

lights pretzel with nurse

my name is Mike by the way stay on it

stay on it


so drive like what happened there

backseat boy

I already feeling the difference you

grab these handles naturally yeah yeah

thing this end it all right

why go why


got it to the right




now my comedy yeah so I would have loved

have been in the no panic zone but

falling off the ski for the first time I

was pretty sketch seeing as though my

backpack was filling up with water and

making me sing so I was kind of

panicking a little bit right here yeah

it's not as stable how you doing


oh my way bro how am I going to dip it



he killed my confidence over a place key

that's don't flip us I just run his back

I'll buy that part good I trusted you

man that's we were doing great all right

next up we got my boy Josh out here he's

on the 300 Rx te ex I was mix them up so

this is the more stable family friendly

powerhouse ski hero running yeah what's

happening yes sir launched on how do you

know if you're in sport mode okay we in

all right ready

whoa watch mode in smart mode that's



you ready

so that was the rxt x300 launch control

that was sick

alright guys so I just got the best lap

shout out to the sponsors for the race I

definitely stayed in my comfort zone I

wasn't trying to get you ripped off as

much as I want to be that guy I didn't

want to be that guy alrighty YouTube

it's been an awesome day at the C do

demo day we had just for a recap we had

the spark tricks yamaha FX limited for

demo comparison the sea do fish pro RX

PX r RX TX 300 another one and then the

RX px is 300 out there that we're doing

a high lap on what I don't know it's

totally different than motorcycles on

the channel so I hope you guys enjoyed

all filmed on the hero 7 so I hope the

audio is good and maybe the video josh

is it held accountable for flipping us

off the Yamaha I was in a panic because

I have my GoPros in my backpack but

other than that was an awesome time I

sell sea-doos so if you want one be sure

to hit me up be sure like comment

subscribe if you enjoy the video and

like always keep a tank later


oh yeah