How To Ride A Jet Ski

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welcome back guys today as part of our

beginners guide to jet skiing we're

gonna show you how to ride a jet ski in

the next five minutes to stick with me

let's roll the intro


okay guys this is episode 12 our jetski

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there's lots on jetski safety what to

take on your jet ski everything you've

got to do before you actually get on the

jet ski so lots and lots of good stuff

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episodes as well but today it's all

about how to ride a jet ski so we're

going through the basics 101 on how to

ride a jet ski so from the simplest

things to get you up and running so

let's get into it

step number one so the first thing you

need to do need to pull out any phone

hit the Google up and look out any local

laws that you have in your local area

because everywhere it's different for

example here we need to have a license

to ride a jet ski well I'm pretty sure

in other countries you don't need a

license you can just jump on hit the

accelerator and ride off into the sunset

but check them out because you don't

want to get in trouble when you're out

there okay so step number two it's time

to put the jet ski in the water if it's

not already in there even if it is in

the water you're going to want to make

sure that you've got knee-deep water to

start because you don't want to suck

anything up into the jet ski for those

who are unaware how a jet ski works jet

ski 101 sucks water up and then pumps it

out the back so therefore you need to

make sure there is water for it to suck

up so it's not sucking up any sand any

rocks any shells so make sure you need

it once you're out knee-deep jump on the

jet ski and then from there you're ready

to put the key on so step number three

is a bikini so the key make sure it's

attached to either your wrist or your


and plug it on to the little nipple

looking thing that won't start your

skiing out way that's just going to give

you access to the power of the ski so

once that's on start the ski to start

the ski you'll find a little red button

usually on the left-hand side of the

skip you hold that in you'll hear it

don't me just like that

from me ski depending on your model and

make will ever take off not faster not

faster it'll be very slow or if you've

got a higher-end model it'll start in

neutral because you have the IVR

attached to your scheme but we'll get

into that a bit later so from there the

next thing to do you obviously want to

start going forward because that's how

jet skis work you're gonna hit the

accelerator so that's step number five

the accelerator you'll find that on the

right hand side it's a little trigger

looking thing and that's where you're

going to get all your power for remember

these are extremely extremely powerful

machines so you gonna want to take it

slowly if you are a beginner which you

obviously are with you watching this

video on how to ride a jet ski so slowly

very very slowly pull the trigger in

until you start moving forward at a pace

that you're comfortable with whatever

you do do not squeeze the trigger hard

or firmly or pull it right now otherwise

you are gonna bunny hop and jump out of

the water and that's when you're

probably going to get yourself into a

little bit of trouble some very very

slow on the accelerator to start off

with you guys on a side note these are

absolutely fantastic I don't know if

you've seen them before but in New

Zealand Australia probably the most

famous or popular energy drink out and

they are delicious so hunt one down to

your local love it good

and then step number six guys six six


since step number six guys is to

obviously turn the jet ski it's not

going to turn itself - you do have to do

some work it's as simple as if you're

wanting to turn left pull down on the

left if you wanted to turn right pull

down on the right nice and simple

the major catch though so the hot hot

tip this is where a lot of beginners do

get themselves in trouble because it's

unique to jet skis to turn a jet ski you

need to be accelerating so never on the

right-hand side run none you need to be

pulling that trigger in as you - because

that's where you get your power if

you're not excelent know what is

push out the back and you're going to be

doing this and not turning and that's

when you could hit something so to

accelerate hold down them up and then

turn the more you accelerate the faster

you'll turn but yeah hot tip remember

you have to accelerate to turn I can't

stress that enough because I've seen so

many crashes online just because people

haven't been holding down the button to

turn so that's the basics of jet ski

that will get you up and running now

will get you moving forth that'll get

you're turning from A to B so that's the

beginners guide step number seven as

most skis will also have an IB R which

is the intelligent brake system which

you'll find usually on the left hand

side of your ski once again that is just

the opposite of the accelerator and that

will put you in Reverse or stop you but

once again your best form of turning is

to accelerate in turn the brake is not

going to stop you instantly like a like

a car hopefully that's helped I told you

we'd have five minutes on the clock I

think we've got through it all in five

minutes but for whatever you do take it

slowly as a beginner build your way up

and then before you know come back and

check out my videos on how to jump how

to spend 360s donuts and all those good

things get out there have a lot of fun

and don't forget the hit the subscribe

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their way

my name's Mitchell and I'm out peace