9 Natural ways to cure Jet Lag

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almost all of us have experienced jetlag

after a long flight its symptoms include

drowsiness muscle aches and somnium

irritability and difficulty

concentrating and going east is always

worse than going west you see your

circadian rhythm has a tendency to run

slightly longer than 24 hours studies

suggest that we can push back our body's

clock about 2 hours per day flying west

over two time zones extends your day by

two hours which we can adjust to within

one day the same journey East has us

waking up two hours earlier and going to

bed two hours earlier which doesn't

necessarily mean sleeping we can advance

our sleep/wake cycles somewhere between

60 and 90 minutes per day so it could

take as much as two days to adjust to

get your body back on track

here's 9 natural ways to cure jetlag

spend the day outside sunlight helps us

regulate our circadian rhythm 4

eastbound flights try to get early soup

it'll help you wake up for westward

travel get Sun in the late afternoon and

evening 3 timer glasses use light

therapy to regulate your sleep wake

cycle use for 50 minutes in the morning

for eastbound travel or a night for

westbound if anyone asks tell them

you're a cyborg block out distractions

with earplugs and a sleep mask

complete darkness is ideal for melatonin

production which happens throughout the

night melatonin helps regulate our

circadian rhythm so that we can sleep to

make more melatonin very clever

melatonin cold showers in the evening

before bed can also help increase

melatonin production throughout the

night if sleep doesn't come easy at

night try 20-minute power arms

throughout the day to make up for lost

sleep but try to get at least four hours

when it's dark out stay active

exercise in the early morning or late

afternoon just not too close to bedtime

it can keep you up go for a teeth a

natural brew of yerba mate a ginkgo

biloba or ginseng can recharge your body

and mind in the morning and in the


try chamomile lavender and valerian to

help you not off avoid alcohol and

coffee at least three hours before bed

both act as stimulants and can keep you

from falling asleep and if you're only

there for a day or two

try doing nothing I mean you're just

gonna have to go back to your home

timezone you might as well stay on that

schedule you don't even have to set your

watch so there you go jet lag the

struggle is real but pushing ourselves

to the limit new situations reminds us

that we're alive brought to you by

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