Jetting a shallow well DIY

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well I did want to make a video of my

shallow well drilling but it started

raining when I was out here doing it

getting prepped so I just had to do it

and couldn't set up the camera anywhere

that wouldn't get wet so what I did was

I have a three-inch pipe casing and that

casing is 14 feet into the ground

there's still a foot above grade and

that piece of pipe was 15 feet long and

the way I'd done that was I made me a

cutting head of galvanized coupling and

I screwed it to a male 2 inch male

adapter and then you'll notice right

here I put a set screw in it so it could

not unscrew and come off I glued the

white 2-inch pipe on to that male

adapter and if you notice the other day

I did have that pipe about 4 feet in the

ground and that's the two sections of

pipe right there that's one piece was

about 8 feet and then the other piece is

about 6 feet long 7 7 feet long and what

I did was I took this pipe here and

hooked this head that you can either you

can make these or you can buy them I'm

blocked in

and you just take that you don't glue

this on you just push that on your

two-inch pipe which I did right here on

this piece section first and then you

drill it and put your hose on each side

of it and then turn the hose on the

water will start gushing up out of this

3-inch pipe and as you turn this back

and forth by hand just by hanging on to

it it cuts itself right into that sand

quite easily and it blows it up out of

that three-inch pipe and as soon as that

piece got a little long

I took the head off added some more

2-inch pipe and put the head back on it

you can see I did it here I did it right

here and then right there that's 15 feet

long and I washed that all the way down

I would stop every so often and pull it

out and then take a big sledge this one

right here 20-pound sledge and just tap

on the top of that 3-inch pipe just

until it would quit going and then drop

the two-inch back down in there turn it

back on and keep washing it down until I

got down to almost 15 feet deep and tap

that pipe in as far as I wanted it to go

then I added the rest of this pipe which

is another 8 feet on the end of that and

I washed that down inside that three

inch pipe until it was all the way to

the bottom so this well is about

twenty-two feet deep and I actually hit

rock that that was not going any farther

I hit lime rock down there at 22 feet

I'll let it run for a while until it

cleaned out a lot of the sand and my Sun

came out and helped me get that one out

because once you get it in there that

long well you got a-you got 22 foot

piece of pipe we had to stand up out of

the ground take hoses off of it

and start pulling it out pulled it all

the way out screwed our inch and a

quarter pipe this inch and a quarter

galvanized which I put on the bottom it

has this right here foot valve inch and

a quarter foot valve that helps you keep

your prime and kind of filters that

stuff out keeps rocks from getting up

into your pump it lets the sand through

though put that on there with some pipe

dope dropped it all the way down in

there until it's actually this thing is

actually touching the rock right now the

bottom of that foot valve is I put a tee

in here with a cap I'm gonna put a

electric pump on there and then I

screwed my pitcher pump on the top of it

and make sure everything is sealed up

good and tight we got water no more hook

that electric pump up to it and let it

pump and pump clean all this water out

it's not cleaned up here it's gonna take

a lot of pumping any water just didn't

do that for your arm hurts as long as

you leave this pump handle down it'll

keep it to prime which I don't think

it'll lose its prime anyway well yeah

there it is it's still loose inside you

can still turn it and that pipe is 22

feet in the ground almost way on down

there alright guys sorry I didn't get to

show you the process it was fun it was

wet sandy dirty but got it done next

step will be get the pump on here get it

running get some water

going out of this thing clean it out and

see how clean this water is see if you

can drink it ain't drinking none yet no

way I don't know what's down there

alright guys see you next time thanks

for watching bye

alright guys lookie here went and got

the pump plumbed in like I said I was

going to wear that keys that check that




all the water you need that's it get out

it's been pumping for almost 45 minutes

now fills that gap I gallon bucket up in

about 40 seconds

I think I'll shut it off now it's run

long enough

little pom-pom lows that was it was just

over $200 fellow funk yeah thank you're

good talk to you later


well there's the garden

look at that kale growing man that is

growing some fat let's start eating some

kale squash we're getting huge some

Tomatoes look at him think all these

made some lettuce onions got some beets

going on in there


today's all the way down this fence row

here I think about 35 in total all

different varieties did finish off the

well put the cap on top of it that way

it's sealed up around nothing can fall

in get around the edge of the suction

pipe there yeah does everything I want

and I did check with the county you need

to before you drill a well of any type

whether it's jetted in hammered in

rotary drilled ten feet deep or 500 feet

deep you need to check with your County

Building Department and see if you need

a permit which I did and the health

department is what handles this area but

no got that taken care of and got it all

done my water it's going to be a whole

lot cheaper and a lot better for my

plants than city water county water

snap visa