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what's good YouTube in today's video I'm

going to show you how you can join your

friends games on Warface some new

players tend to complain that they can't

invite their friends and there are

specific reasons for that and in this

video today I will show you those

reasons so as we head over to the main

menu normally you can invite your friend

this way by clicking on the game-mode

and their gamertag will be in the top

half in a section over here up here now

this is where people get confused

because when they go to play with their

friends they can't see the name and the

reason is because the player they are

trying to play with or the friend

they're trying to play with is too high

of a level if the player you are trying

to play with is level 10 and you are

level 10 or under you can play with them

without any problems well here comes the

twist if they are level 11 and you're

not level 11 you cannot play with them

because it puts you into a different

game room meaning that if you go past

level 11 you get pop better players and

players are actually your skill level so

if you want to play with your friends

you both need to be under level 11 or

you both need to be over the level of 11

so yeah if this video explained it

clearly on why you can't have your

friends didn't please drop a like and

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especially Warface content and i hope

you guys enjoy rest your name