How to Invite Non Friends to Like a Page on Facebook 2019

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Hey everyone, welcome back to another eJenn Solutions quick little tutorial and today I'm going to show you a little bit about how to

Get more Facebook followers and to get more people to like your page. This is a really simple process

So let's dig in

first of all, you're gonna need to go to your

Facebook page and you have to be an admin of course and go down to

one of the posts that you have as we're doing here something that's had a lot of activity and a lot of

Engagement and on this particular one, you can see here. We had a lot of people like and do a bunch of things

We're gonna open that up and see who's done. What who's liked it? Who's loved it? All that good stuff. You can see here

We have pages who have liked it. But we also of course have people so now there's this cute little

Invite thing that we can use on Facebook and we can see here that hope has not liked the page

But she is engaging with that post. So it's real simple

All we do is we can send a little invite and the cool thing about it is it's not going to use my profile

My personal profile it's gonna say that Torrance

This page is the one that asked for that invitation

For her to like the page now we can see here that we've invited a bunch of people

once they do like it you'll show it'll show up in your notifications and

Hopefully this is how you're going to get more people to like your page again comes down to great content

But this is a little extra step. Hope that helps we'll talk again soon. Bye