Fire Emblem Three Houses: Guide To Teaching Students

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fire in boom three houses has the most

customization of any game in the series

thus far this mainly stands from the

ability to have any character focus on

any weapon movement type or class in the

game it can be a bit overwhelming at

first so the purpose of this video is to

provide you with the spoiler free guide

to the instruction system and Fire

Emblem three houses this guide will

focus more on a player's first time

through the game and it does not need to

be followed but if you find that you

were struggling to understand how all

the different weapon ranks will relate

to class changing or you are nervous

about setting goals for your students

and the like and this guide may be of

some help to you on Mondays the player

will be asked if they want to manually

instruct their students or have it done

automatically if you'd like to do it

manually you will be brought to the

classroom where you prepare the week's

lectures goals and group activities the

first of these options is instruct viola

may help students on an individual level

allowing them to improve their weapon

ranks as well as their horsemanship and

other things first you select a student

and from there you select are ranked to

improve once elected the student will

either fail do a good job a great job or

do it perfectly the better they do the

more experience points will be added to

the rink this can only be done as many

times as the professor's instruction

gauge will allow that is the gist of how

instructing works but there are a lot of

subtle nuances to consider when

selecting what to work on with each

student number one pay attention to the

up and down arrows in the column next to

the weapon rank there are some red uh

blue arrows these indicate a boost or

decrease in the amount of experience

that the character will gain when trying

to learn the weapon or skill up arrows

need more experience than down arrows

being less looking here to do he has

blue arrows that indicate he is good

with the armor ranking meaning it will

be easier to gain that skill however he

also has a red arrow in the

horseback-riding ranking so it is more

difficult for him to learn that skill

when instructing make sure to pay close

attention to these signs of a units

abilities so you can make the most out

of every instructing session number two

personal instruction takes unit

motivation every character has a

motivation stat that caps out of four

which determines how much instruction

can be received once depleted the


no longer receive an instruction until

their motivation is raised by

participating in lectures over the

weekend eating meals with them giving

gifts and much more on top of that if

the character does perfectly in an

instruction they will gain one of their

for motivation points back when deciding

who you are going to instruct that week

make sure to keep an eye on their

motivation level so you can make the

most out of that instruction now don't

stress too much about instructing

because there are actually plenty of

other ways to increase weapon ranks the

easiest and most effective way of doing

this is by setting proper goals in the

classroom the player will be asked to

set goals for each character these goals

consist of two and on a rare occasion

only one ranked to focus on here are a

couple of tips regarding goals number

one each character comes with a preset

that will work for them if this is an

overwhelming process don't be afraid to

use the characters preset goals it will

work out well enough for them in the end

on top of that there are often these

special events where a character has to

change their goals to a new preset that

fits their character these are

especially helpful if you are unsure

what route to take with a particular

unit my favorite of these so far comes

from Annette when she asked if she can

work solely on her reason raking if you

allow her to she will gain double the

experience points in reason which allows

her to learn magic at an accelerated

rate number to consider what class you

want to be each character can become any

class barring some gender exclusive

classes each of these classes have

weapon rank requirements that can be

viewed in the certification menu simply

change the goals of the character to the

requirements for that class for example

I wanted to make Ingrid a Pegasus Knight

and all it took was making Lance's and

flying her goals and she made the

requisite ranks them very quickly

finally let's talk about group

activities there are three here to

choose from one that improves horseback

riding one that improves armor ranking

and one that increases flying ranking

you can assign two characters to one

activity this gives an added boost to

those characters ranks and also

increases their support points with each

other group activities are honestly

pretty simple

just throw characters together then you

want to learn a skill and to sport

together once all of this is finished

you can select to begin the lecture in

the week will go by at the end of the

week students will turn experience in

their Galt's this can seem like a long

and tedious process but I assure you

that it is well worth it growing ranks

allows for access to new and better

classes which will make your characters

stronger my final tip for this topic is

to not stress too much about it a lot of

these characters are so strong that it

is nearly impossible to mess them up

just follow these simple tips and trust

your instincts it will most likely work

out in the end well that'll be all for

today friends if you enjoyed this video

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