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welcome to video it's your boy cos gamma

today I got a video on how to get free

agents and NBA 2k Tony it's gonna help

y'all a lot before we get into this

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into this video I'm gonna go ahead and

answer the question of the day before I

even start what I'm about to tell you

all it is do you have to be a certain

position to get this to request free

agency and get any player that you want

in the NBA on your team no it does not

matter the position that you are so if

you're a sinner you can get a powerful

or small for shooting guard and I'm a

small for it I'm giving this so that

should let y'all know that any position

should get it and I have a friend that

is a sinner he has it as well so I know

what I'm telling y'all is not just fake

news is actually real news I'll do my

research but anyways the thing that

y'all have to do the two things that

y'all have to do in order to get this

you have to be in the first round of

your playoffs or play or greater games

so you have to be in in your first round

of playoffs and you have to have a great

impact on your team so for me that is I

scored 66 points a game so I averaged

the most points out of the team I scored

the most points I had the most steals

the blogs if you just have the most

blood so the most rebounds that's

impacting the team so this is the letter

right here you guys just a letter that

you will receive when there are going to

ask you your free agency opinions and

you see that next day so after you play

one more game you will get this right

here GM's office meeting with management

it would say free agency like you just

did there you're coming your talk with

your agent he'll sit you down he'll ask

you um what kind of players you're

looking for the position that you want a

man because you are the main star of the

team like I said that big impact or you

have a big impact

not necessarily to start the team but

you see right here I choose Anthony


because that is my first priority to

getting a great center on the team

besides anyone cuz I'm playing for the

words so I have somebody that can also

throw loss because Anthony Davis has

good play making so and he's a dominant

force so I got anything Davis as you can

see you can pick anybody but they have

to be a free agent they have to be on

free agents and if you don't know what

that is the contract if you go to the

player you can check their contract and

however long their contract has after

the contract there will be a free agency

and then you can get them there'll be a

free agent you can get about that but

when I'm done you see I click that I'm

talking to my agent he's wrapping it up

for me um that's that's pretty much it

you know that's all y'all need to know

just have a good impact and it does not

matter the position so any positions can

get it you just gotta have a good impact

on the whole team and you have to be in

the first run of your players because

they do want you to be a little bit far

in the season to get this so that is

everything ladies and gentlemen thank

y'all for coming to watch this video

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