NBA 2K20 How to Influence Free Agents and Build a Dream Team in MyCareer

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what is going on with you guys man

welcome to this video I'm gonna put you

guys on game on how y'all can influence

the free agent bro get any free agent

that you want to come join your team

hopefully you know now let me go ahead

and get this youtuber mumbo jumbo out

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real I second like the video if this

actually helps you guys out enter come

in with free agent y'all are going for

it man so without further ado let me

show you how to get them free agents to

come to your team man let's get straight

on into it cannot forget to give you a

shout out and show y'all some all right

now I'm gonna try to keep this as simple

as possible but I wanna let you guys

know it may differ from people person to


alright it may be different you may get

yours earlier than I got my own you may

get it later than I got mine

I got mine in the worst unconference

problems I play like 50 song games in my

career simulated the risk is out like

okay you know we dominating people I

just want to get to the playoffs and

when I got to the playoffs I was able to

adjust the roster I was able to change

minutes I was able to edit the playbook

and then lastly I was able to influence

reagents now I'm in the Western

Conference Finals so that's when I'm

able to do it I was given a letter you

know one of those typical team

management letters that they send you

guys like oh yeah hey you know we

recognized your play you know you know

you you've elevated your status to

franchise player dude those letters

right there so to get to the screen

where you can influence free agents man

I was about to go to a team practice

anyway all right I think you can either

go to a team practice start a game maybe

even go to the neighborhood but you're

gonna get this screen that pops up man

is gonna say you have a meeting with


alright now this part of the video aim

to put you guys on game once you watch

the look good saying you're gonna see

all the free agent stuff right now

you've been playing my career long

enough to know what is the weakest spot

on your team free now for the Clippers

it is a center

montrezl harrell is a power forward

pretending to be a center ok so I'm

going for a center ad is at the top of

the list and he's not a restrictive

not that is something that I really want

to harp on you guys about real quick

restricted free agents don't even waste

your time trying to go for him all right

especially if they'd like high eighty

overalls broke more than likely their

team is gonna match whatever they hit

your team try to throw at them so guys

like tato guys like luca guys like

Donovan Mitchell DNR and Fox don't even

waste your time all right you may be you

look up and you get them with it's a low

chance bro especially if you're betting

that their own has Captain D's don't

even waste your time alright go for guys

to the serviceable me I work for Tristan

Thompson bro I was ad that was like a

pipe dream I thought you know ad my

favorite player if I can get him on the

team whatever and we need a backup point

guard man because Doc Rivers don't never

take me out to game so I end up picking

Chris darling

he's serviceable Brooke so he can take

some minutes about me and relieve me bro

but don't try to wish our time going for

like guys like Donovan Mitchell bro

restricted free agents bro if you guys

don't know the restricted free agent is

I'm just gonna put i'ma simplify flee if

they are under 25 years old more than

likely they are ever strict to free

agent they're gonna be some cases where

the guy is 25 and he's not a restricted

free agent you know but it's just a few

of those majority of the people brought

it's like 22 23 24 they're restricted

berliner teams are not gonna let him go


this is being young boy Kok King give

you guys game on how to influence

regions to come to your team if you guys

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turn it on post notifications ain't

nobody daddy but our highly appreciating

you know saying if you do welcome to the

squad we only wrote the 20k and look how

short this video was oh no time you know

like the video of this helped out loud

and come in who the word y'all going for

in free agency to help you guys build a

dream team and I see you guys in my next

UK video man peace catch nosebleed

nine-one-one this bout the old day

on my couch someone take her out medics

and then out telling her breathing and

now Labour's nosy little