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how to trade for any player you want in

my career man i'ma show you how to build

a big 3 or big 4 or whatever you want to

do for your team to get your player some

help if you feel like you can't carry

that team by yourself guess what I'm

gonna show you how to get help but

you're gonna have to reach 90 overall to

do this so make sure you're a 90 overall

before you attempt to make trades for

other superstars okay now what you want

to do once you hit 90 overall is you're

gonna hit Y and then they're gonna give

you a new menu right it's down here in

the NBA team now the NBA team thing been

there but they added some things when

you hit 90 90 they added influencer

trade influencer free agent and you can

edit your PlayBook now but what you want

to do is go to influence trade and when

you go to influence trade you can tell

management who you want them to tray for

so you can get that help okay and also

you can go over to influence free agents

so you can get the top free agents for

next year so that's another big thing

that you could do man I'm telling you

this will help you get some help for

your player because a lot of people went

for the VC when it was time to sign a

contract and went to some bum teams and

a lot of y'all might not get a ring this

year because you guys can't carry by

yourself you know it does take a team to

win a ring so therefore I might help you

get a great team so you could build

around your superstar okay

now what you want to do is click on

influencer trade and when you click on

influence trade it's going to show you

everybody on your team and then it's

going to show you everybody on

different teams when you hit r2 and l2

well our TLT my bad I'm so used to

PlayStation man but Artie and LT okay

right trigger and left trigger so when

you hit that it's gonna go to different

teams and then you can look at different

players so that you can see what type of

superstar you want to trade for for

instance I'm gonna Brooklyn Nets so what

I want to do is look at my Brooklyn Nets

roster and see what I want to improve

one as you can see everybody on this

roster is not that good so I can really

improve on any position I want so for

instance if I want another backup point

guard to back me up or a sinner or

something like that I can easily go and

hit Artie or LT and go to a different

team to that player that um I actually

want whatever team they play for and I

could suggest management to go tray for

that person so we're gonna try this real

quick and um you know I'm gonna do

something a little crazy I'm gonna try

to get my boy Anthony Davis over here

with me so i'ma hit a on him and then

I'm making suggestion GM so they can go

and try to tray for him as you can see

they say would you like your team Gian

to try and tray for Anthony Davis now if

I hit this they're gonna go get Anthony

Davis for me and now I'm gonna have a

big man so we got a big two and I'm

still gonna have to find one more person

you see how easy this is and you could

trade for any person you want so you can

get that help and this also will help

you um get certain badges for instance

if you need to get Lob City passer now

you have somebody you can actually throw

the LOB to that will go and catch it you

get what I'm saying or if you have to

get Dahmer you could tray four players

that could shoot so that when you call

for the pick-and-roll you can go around

the screen and dish it out to the corner

or something like that and they can hit

that shot

so just keep this as a suggestion that

this will help your my career grind a

whole lot this ain't just me just trying

to click beat you with a video anything

like that I'm really trying to help you

into my career and help you improve your

team and help you want a championship

man and help you grow and for your

badges at the same time so I'm gonna

head yeah so Anthony Davis and look your


GM has received your suggestion and will

now make some offers to try a tray for

Anthony Davis so look man now they're

gonna try to go entree for Anthony Davis

and then we gonna see if we could get

another player to so we already trying

to get Anthony Davis that's a center

basically now we want to go look for

that shooter man so obviously we

probably not gonna get curry or anything

like that but it's other shooters out

there man other shooters out there so

we're gonna go through the rosters and

look around and see what type of shooter

we can get that's gonna help us so that

I could kick it out to the corner you

get what I'm saying now Seth ain't high

overall but we all know he can shoot

like his brother so that's a good trade

that we can go for you know but as you

can see it only does one trade at a time

so you can't do multiple trades at one

time you suggest one person GM I'll let

you know if they could get them or not

then after they Eva accepted or decline

it you can go and try to trade for

somebody else okay so that's basically

it man that's basically how you gonna go

ahead and tray it for whatever player

you want you know you might can get a

little crazy and then scroll over to the

Lakers and try to get brown or something

like that or scroll over to um the

Warriors and try to get Katie or

something like that

not saying that you won't be able to get

to Trey because you might be able to get

that Trey honestly based on the pieces

that your management is gonna package or

draft picks or whatever they gonna

package to get that player so you don't

have to do it yourself you know what I'm

saying and there's about a 90% to a 95%

chance that you're gonna get that player

honestly cuz I already traded for

somebody and they gave them to me but

with that being said it's your boy

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