5 Needs That Shape Consumer Behavior

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let's talk now about the five needs that

shape consumer behavior the question is

what are people's motivations for buying

products would you like to learn how to

increase your sales by tailoring

products to fit different needs

everyone has certain basic human needs

that serve as motivation for him or her

to take action including buying action

there are 11 different customer consumer

behavior categories that help to explain

why people buy what they do identifying

and satisfying these needs in selling

we'll bring you more sales and greater

customer satisfaction faster than you

can believe possible now in each of

these needs customer satisfaction comes

from the motivation that the customer

has the best product that they could

possibly buy to fulfill one or more of

these needs people buy a product because

you as a salesperson have convinced them

that it fulfills their most pressing

need at the moment

now the first need that everybody has is

money everyone wants to have more money

this is a basic need whenever you can

use customer service to link your

products and services to making or

saving money for the customer you will

have his or her total attention money is

always a top motivator in consumer


now the second consumer need is security

every person has a fundamental need for

security most people feel if they had

enough money they'd be completely secure

so although money is hard and cold the

need for security is warm and personal

just as no one ever feels that he has

too much freedom very few people ever

feel that they have too much security

they always want more now the third need

is to be liked by other people consumer

behavior dictates that everyone wants to

be liked by others we need to feel

accepted and respected by the people

around us we want to be admired by our

friends and neighbors and associates

so achieving these goals satisfies our

deep need for belonging and self-worth

customer satisfaction comes from the


if they purchase your product they will

be liked by others the force need is

status and prestige in dealing with

customer needs and consumer behavior a

very powerful motivation for people to

buy a product is status or personal

prestige we want to feel and be

perceived as important and valuable as

customers we want people to look up to

us and praise our possessions or

accomplishments perhaps the deepest of

all needs is the need to feel important

and valued and worthwhile both to

ourselves and in the eyes of other

people so by knowing these consumer

needs you'll be better able to identify

what your product does well and be able

to market and sell it in the right way

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