How to Date a French guy : The Secrets!

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how to date a French guy hello ladies

and welcome to my youtube channel I'm

Alex come on you're French relationship

expert and you know what since 2007 I've

coached 20,000 women from all over the

world and today you have this big

question how to date a French man and

you know that part of the friends we

know how to attract how to talk about

seduction how to talk about love and

today I want to answer this question how

to date a French man what is in his mind

and also what does he really want what

is the difference between someone in the

US someone in France among all over the

world and French men first thing as I

told you we receive a real education

about love so we know how to talk how to

communicate we are part of the selection


and when I say subjection it's not

seduce it's not sex it's not a bad word

in France this word is important when we

talk about seduction it's for you

attraction it's the process of creating

a big chemistry so when you are meeting

a French man it will be happy to ask you

some questions his job is to make sure

that you are unique to his eyes and you

should do the same

so when your day to French man you need

to ask question you need to learn about

himself his dreams what does he want to

do in his life is past where does he

come from

what was his family is friendship and

also really about what is it loving what

makes this guy happy so when you date

two Frenchmen you need to be really

interested about him and showing that is

unique for you is not a number is not

someone that you date because in the

u.s. there is this process of numbers

which is not what we want actually

because Frenchmen will love this

chemistry process the flirt and you need

to be really aware about that I also

realized that Frenchmen we are more

working on ourselves I mean physically

and by the look

so if you are dating a Frenchman I think

if we pay a lot attention to every

single detail the way you dress the way

you behave the way you smile the way you

enjoy also the present moment I know in

the US or all over the world sometimes

there is too much codes you know too

much wounds and secret to follow in

France the attraction process it's more

open we want to see your personality we

want to see how much charm do you have

and this is why when you date a French

man it's not about rules it's not about

being strict you know it's more enjoying

the present moment and if you follow me

my videos you know in my philosophy I'm

trying to teach you how to enjoy the

present moment how to make sure someone

will commit to the relationship how to

also put you in a pedestal so when you

will day two frenchmen you need to keep

these ideas in mind because it's the

best way to be happy in your love life

another tip that I want to give you

French men we love being challenged in

Europe the women are always on a

pedestal you know

not all yu-er but some countries like

France we value women and it's important

for you to value yourself because when a

Frenchman will know that you are missing

confidence that you're not sure you can

have this guy in your life that we all

owe him to get us a woman or to not

commit to the relationship that we make

him uncomfortable

because he will think he can do whatever

he wants it does it would not have the

sense of commitment in a relationship

because you give him too much freedom

that doesn't mean you need to be picky

telling him I want some text message no

it's just man French man we need some

boundaries you know I met this amazing

American woman and she told me you know

I wouldn't want a committed relationship

she told me like I'm ready for something

special doesn't mean we have to see each

other every day and she was white she

just set some boundaries because this is

what we need we have this characteristic

to say we value women so if you don't

value yourself it will be a little bit

lost about the situation

and this is why I want you to trust

yourself I want you to be confident I

will not say that Frenchmen are perfect

or are the best I would just say that we

love this the attraction process not the

solution process but we love enjoying

love and it's important for you to enjoy

the present moment it's important for

you to just be happy at this moment I

can guarantee you you can have the

Frenchman that you want the Frenchman

that you really deserve because you will

brew some relationship really special so

if you have any question maybe about

some habits about your dating process

about this man that you met and is

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