How to Date a French Woman : The Tips!

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how to date a French woman hello guys and welcome to my youtube channel I'm

Alex come on the French relationship expert and today

in this special video I want to help you to understand how to date a French woman

as you know in the u.s. are all over the world

the attraction process is really different than the French process in

France we love to value what we called the seduction I know that seduction in

the u.s. it's more sexual but in France it's the art of flirt love the flirty

what does it mean exactly woman harder in French harder to attract

other to talk other to maybe have sex also with them because they love the

process of discovering each other that doesn't mean in the u.s. it's not

happening but in France is just longer so when you date a French woman there is

some tips three things that you need to keep in mind the first one is there will

always challenge you French women are picky they want to make

sure that you're the perfect guy they want to make sure that you really want

to commit in the relationship so your goal is not to bullshit her tell you

some few stuff that you want to do but you will not do it after because when

you do that you're not sincere you don't want to date this woman you just want to

have sex with her and this is it's not my fuse of you the only one goal that

you need to have when you jet when you met a French woman is to surprise her

remember something dating a French woman it's always always attracting her and

showing her how unique you are so if you can during the process of attraction

surprised her it could be by a date it could be by an activity it could be by

the way you act by the question that you ask this lady she will open up she will

open up because she will feel confident with you and this is what we need so

step number one try to surprise try to show your personality try to improve

your game because you really need to make sure that this lady this woo

women will be amazed by your behavior so I'm going to eat that I want to give you

a Frenchwoman they want to make sure that that is you are compatible there is

a real connection but most of them you're compatible so they will always

try to understand what are your command interest and this is where you should

have a good communication not talking about your past not talking about what

you want in a relationship we don't care about that what we care is do you have

some common interest do you have something to share

do you have something where you can spend good times together by focusing on

the present moment and not on the relationship or in the past you will

always have a good communication and this lady should we talk to you because

I don't know if you realize that but French women they don't talk too much

when it's come to Daddy they will ask you some question they will try to

understand what do you want so there will be always focusing on the

relationship and your goal is to not act in their way your goal is to just enjoy

and try to find a common interest then you will become best friend so you will

tell me Alex I don't want to be in a friend zone I don't want to be a best

friend it's just the chemistry and the connection will be stronger and when we

have when you have a good connection you can really at this moment attract each

other and this is something really important for the French woman so don't

worry about the friendzone what is important for us today is just to

surprise them and also to try to find a common interest and attraction process

we'll start then French women they are picky but they are waiting for you to do

the first step I know that in the US and I'm coaching some women also to do the

first step but when it comes to the French woman the French ladies they will

not do the first step it's not usual for them so it's your turn to show that

you're confident it's your turn to show that you are an alpha male okay and next

time I will ask you to really follow some advice and I will show you exactly

how to date how to properly that French woman but in this video I

really want to help you understand what is in her mind because if she can

surprise her if you can find a common interest if you can take the leadership

these are the three best tools to outright date and also I will say

serious but not in a sexual way say this is more flirting with the lady that you

really care about remember something it's not just about the selection

process the attraction process it's also about how can I make her happy all of my

life it's not just I want this lady it's I want to be happy how can I make her

happy and me happy then you will have the best relationship

that you ever had if you have any question feel free to ask me in the

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