How to Impress a Girl in 5 seconds! EXTRAS

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I could the one up there is a cuter dude

one of those cuter men

he's wake here hey what's your name

destiny well this must have been destiny

that I approach here my name is Juan I

bet I can impress you in five seconds

all right do you want to come down here

for a sec yeah come on I have one chance

to impress you and if I do you have to

give me your phone number right

only if you're impressed okay okay ready

all right here you go

all right know that see

one mm-hmm

so I bet you didn't see that coming I

didn't so you're going to take me for

dinner we'll talk about it

I'll see you later destiny

so one more thing we're gonna get a

video called doing backflips for girls

like I kept my Cameron's right there

good oh is this for Vic Toews no this is

well he's my roommate but yeah that's

Cody you know angry picnic I know okay

we all live in the same house but yeah

this is from my own channel it's called

that was epic yeah is that okay between

our video no that was great that was the

first scene I was actually get kind of

nervous that I wasn't gonna land it but

I was I thought wasn't like lent on my

neck or something you know okay but oh

thank you very much huh

um what do you Trey young well what's

your name Adri Adri - one I'm gonna I'm

gonna impress you in five seconds okay

come to the side over here

you ready I don't know if you're ready

for this one so is that deserve a phone

number okay okay Audrey

you uh you should take me out for dinner

I hope thank you

you didn't yeah that's how this works

sorry I just got a text message you're

so popular yeah I know

oh I'm just kidding it was just my mom

don't worry about it I have a really

intimate relationship with her

non-sexually don't worry about that


um I wasn't okay so Audrey um does uh

where you gonna do the Cheesecake

Factory sound nice yeah okay that's cool

where you going right now I am headed to

me a friend for lunch

oh you're going why don't I just be that

friend like everything for lunch well

you can join what is who is it what fine

are you meetings she is attractive as

you I mean she's pretty okay this is

gonna work all right let's do this

so uh I'm doing this YouTube video

called doing backflips for girls I beg


um yeah did you even see him no but good


why because because he's happened so

often on campus yeah it's like this is

like the hot spot actually that's that's

how we are normally in life - like we're

that cruel we are that cool yeah we try

to think outside the box and stuff okay

well what is that cloaking our video

Audrey yeah okay okay you're awesome I

appreciate it thank you

what's your name um what do you need to

know for Oh cuz I think you're really

attractive I see how it is excuse me

what's your name

hi my name is one

can you give me five seconds to impress

you no I just think I can do it because

you're really attractive right come this

way come this way all right you ready

stand right there

stand right there yep

here you go so is that worthy of a phone

number all right well I'm gonna take it

anyway so that you can get to know what

everything else I have to offer

Jocelyn because uh you're just too

attractive to let Pez know what I'm

saying oh you can bring him once he sees

everything I can do he's innocent don't

you thank you do you really have a

boyfriend yeah okay sorry

um will either way in our YouTube video

we're doing we're doing back looks for

girls sure

perfect all right well thank you very


yeah oh

I did all that work for nothing

hey hey excuse me are you latina huh are

you latina yeah

my favorite type my name is Juan I'm

actually Latino can't tell Zoe yeah

that's cool um can you give me five

seconds to impress you sure hey come


ready I just stand to the side just wait

alright I'm so so II what's your phone

number before it out mmm before before

you can take me for dinner oh geez oh

yeah you got you got to work for me you

know it's the other way around and my

type of relationships okay yeah I did

that I did that for you now what are you

okay what are you gonna do for me now I

don't know I guess you're gonna have to

text me all right well sounds good too

hey Zoey by the way to it we're making a

video called backflips for girls ah yeah

my cameras right there yeah if that's

okay with you yeah all right well thank

you yeah

texts yeah maybe just tell me you got

that back foot

hey what's up what's your name Courtney

how many's one nice to you wait what to

do pawn one yeah um I'm gonna show you

something really quick okay you ready


Oh what do you think oh cool so uh

there you go


I'll pick your number my phone Oh my

number yeah was that not impressive

something people know is funny okay

all right you are you knowing something

what is that

well that's my heart monitor for my

diabetes yeah yeah we can go out for

dinner and you can like comfort me

because I'm kind of depressed about it

yeah sorry yeah it sucks always hard so

what are the numbers mean oh pretty much

kind of it pretty much means my level of

intoxication like with diabetes yeah so

like through if it's above a 1/8 it's

pretty much like extreme yeah sad no

yeah but anyways huh I'll call you

I'm kidding no we're that we are that

was a video I'm doing this video called

backflips for girls I just did it to her

actually - yeah that camera man's Vettel

well is that with keeping our video yeah

what is it for zipper glass no what is

it you - oh my god yeah I was like what

can you hear me yeah of course that's

what this is yeah you saw that I was

just like oh yeah guys just doing it for

fun for fun so do you just well this is

my first time doing something like this

like time then we uploaded the channels

called that was that big if you want to

check it out you'll be on yeah yeah


alright well I appreciate your time well

I've only done you two so far you just

happen to come sit in the same area I

was just like oh this doesn't be awkward

but funny is that I asked about the

monitor yeah then you actually believed

it you believed it like I saw your face

I didn't know okay the viewers are gonna

think that was hilarious oh yeah

are you the student here no oh you don't

even go yeah no but we just film on

college campuses cuz it's fun yeah

I don't I don't you wish I did though

don't you oh cool well uh do you go to

any nope I just uh I'm just on the

internet do my thing you should like me

goodbye in this - ah serious right now

did you just say that hey I don't know

I'm gonna have to delete your number now

all right well I'm gonna get where to

keep doing it like you'll probably see

me around you should make

like shivering like an exotic pet we've

done it we've done videos looks like a

dog a llama I don't know I have to check

the rules first oh really

we could bring llamas or eternal cookie

like Papa to girls walking my pet turtle

God be hilarious that's a good idea I'll

credit you for that all right that was

ever yeah look it up right now if you

want so you can remember all right thank


yes nice