Dating a Finnish Man - AVOID These 10 Mistakes! Ft. Her Finland

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so today we have a really interesting

video because I'm joined by bar apple

from her Finland and we're going to

teach you ten mistakes what to avoid

when dating Finnish guys let's go check

them out

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language so what can you just quickly

tell a little bit about yourself

sure mica and I'm that blogger behind

her Finland dot-com and I help you guys

to experience Finland like a local so

make sure to check out her blog after

this video so the first thing to keep in

mind is don't expect the men to make the

first move because we finished guys and

prints in general are kind of like shy

and a little bit introverted but we

still want to you know get in get to

meet new people and get to know girls

and stuff but we Finn's

Finnish guys are not maybe the most

skillful making the first move

what do you think well I totally agree

they are usually quite shy so be bold

yeah and also girls out there make sure

to make those first post because if you

are just waiting for the guy to make the

first move I think you're going to miss

out on many awesome Finnish guys out

there so take action yeah and there's

nothing wrong for a girl to approach a

guy in Finland that's true and the next

thing is don't expect the guys to

express their feelings because you know

the Finnish guys again I mean we do have

feelings but we are not really skilled

at expressing them but we are still like

human beings it's just kind of not so

easy to us to express your feelings yeah

Alexi has a point with this one in

Finnish culture we kind of you have to

read between the lines and see what the

other person is doing for you is he

spending time with you and that tells a

lot about the person and if he is into

you that's where true and also pay

attention to the body language because

that's also one thing well we can I

would say read the Finnish guy except

Finnish guys might not have that strong

body language to to kind of decipher so

on the if you can read it that's perfect

and gives you a various

our signal but if you can't read it

don't be alarmed

that's very good point yeah all right

good stuff

the next thing is don't be too pushy at

the beginning because depending where

you come from but in Finnish like

touching and this kind of physical

things are maybe not so normal at the

beginning I mean it's normal to do to

take it take it along with you at some

point but when you're just getting to

know making the first impression don't

get too touchy that's what I would say

oh I thought actually that you wouldn't

do a point like this because I thought

that all guys like touching yeah but yes

there's a certain line I mean you can do

like a little bit but if you're just

like putting your arm around him like

riding from the start they might be like

ooh what is this doing because you know

we have gonna have the personal space

and you have to kind of swim your way

through the personal space to that guy

that is actually very true so I would

give maybe this kind of advice to you

that if the guide you are approaching is

going backwards you know that you are

crossing into his territory and he is

not ready to be that close to you good

point the next point is don't expect

that texting to be too simple because I

think this is definitely a big problem

also for girls but you know when you

made you exchange the numbers and you're

texting and stuff and you are expecting

that things are going well but suddenly

he stops messaging and you're like what

what did I do wrong and then we call

this ghosting I think it's called we

also go say and finish ghost dominant

and this can happen every once in a

while and yeah it's it's like a skill

that you could make tons of money if you

know how to do it and sell it to people

yeah so I wish you girl these thing


also for Finnish girls like I have

absolutely no idea why Finnish guys text

weirdly and I have to say that I think

the same from girls yeah but it's also

difficult for us Finns I mean it's

really kind of difficult to figure out

stuff from texting so my advice is to

try to

the texting as minimum as possible and

tried to arrange the dates yeah and call

and yeah also call like I think French

doors with more calling when come when

it comes down to days because you can

it's there's more interaction you can

explain things more clearly and also set

up those states and try to make the

progress over there instead of texting

yes I agree yeah do that and the next

point is don't fall for the stereotypes

because we always tell like finish guys

are shy and not bad that you know

expressing their feelings but there are

actually those social guys like me for

example out there as well so don't think

that every guy finish guys the same but

and so you can also meet some really

outgoing funny guys with sense of humor

out there as well so keep your eyes open

and also go out to different place where

we can meet were different kinds of

finish guys yeah I was waiting for that

point but when this comes a marketing

video for Alexei and there we have it

well but anyway

alex is completely right he is very

talkative and also so it's my hobby so

there is definitely talkative Finnish

guys out there

next thing is don't expect them to pay

on the first date because Finnish

culture in general is like very equal

like they're equal gender equality is

very good and this is also reflected on

the dating culture and what this means

basically so if you are used to go on a

date for coffee or even for a restaurant

and stuff the traditional ways the guy

pays for the girl but that doesn't

really happen not as much anymore here

in Finland especially if I talk to my

experience I never pay for the girl on

the first date but that's just my way

there might be still some guys who does

this kind of stuff but I personally

don't I was also waiting when Alexi

ruins his marketing video and now he did


yeah but definitely there's a point so

you shouldn't be alarmed if you're

finished guy expects you to pay for your

own bill and it goes 5050 he is not

expecting you to collect the whole bill

that's like bad manners the next point

is don't neglect on learning any Finnish

because if you are learning Finnish and

you're also letting your potential date

finish date knowing that you are

learning Finnish I think he will

appreciate you more because you are

putting effort to get to know their

culture and their language in a good way

this is true if you are interested in

Finnish language it really shows the guy

that you are into our culture yeah and I

can give a quick personal experience

because friction ball by ex-girlfriend

was Japanese and when I learned Japanese

we had like a lot of kind of inside

humor in in in Japanese so you can do

the same with Finnish once you learn a

little bit you can make start make your

own chokes and stuff in your finish and

you can create like a very unique

dimension to your relationship with the

language I think learning Finnish is a

great idea in that respect that when

you're having a relationship with not

your mother tongue you always lose a bit

of your personality so when you're able

to give that other person you're

finished guy the chance to communicate

also in Finnish that gives you more

insight to his personality that's a very

good point so there are some Finnish as

well the next point is don't neglect the

importance of sex in the relationship

because again it depends where you come

from but Finnish of Finland and Finnish

people are very liberal when it comes

down to sex and this also means that

Finnish people usually have sex before

they get into a serious relationship or

when they start to build serious so I

get married or get married yeah so for

example I know a lot of people who have

even started seriously dating after a

one-night stand

so but it doesn't mean that you have to

get like pound chicka wow wow

first date if you don't want to but

there might it might have been on second

third for dead of course they're like

individual differences but just keep in

mind that it will happen usually sooner

than later

okay so what I want to say here that

Finnish women on their body and are very

in tune with their desires and are not

afraid to show it I would say it is

arrogant to say that Finnish girls are

easy or like that it makes me kind

of angry even these are liberal when it

comes to sex and you don't have to wait

until marriage that's right so the next

point is don't expect the Finnish guys

to provide for you completely so again

this comes to the gender equality and we

in Finland especially we expect also the

women or the girl bring their part of

like you know the in terms of economical

violence to them you know if you have

not owned a house and stuff and so it's

not really any more like that the guy is

always doing the work and the girls stay

home it's not like that usually the boss

both are working and earning money and

so on yeah that is true in Finland we

usually have separate counts for the

girl and the guy even in relationship we

might have together like a food account

and that's true yeah and then we also

buy things together and you buy trips

together so it is all about 50/50 pretty

much yeah and a last point is don't

forget the importance of communication

because communication is the secret to a

successful relationship at least if you

ask me and I think Finnish people

especially the guys should maybe put a

little bit more effort on their

communication skills in Finland there's

not really a clear how they say pattern

when you become kind of like official

when you transition from dating to being

in a relationship some people kind of

like agreed or they talk through it and

okay they kind of decided together and

in some relationship it just happens

naturally and they just

suddenly start to speak about each other

as a girlfriend a boyfriend so there

might be some differences between that

but what I would advise to you is just

ask directly from your finished

boyfriend or potential boyfriend what

they want and to make things clear yeah

I agree

I think with my boyfriend's that sounds

like I had a ton of boyfriends but

anyway I think I never agreed officially

like we are dating it's just that went

very naturally so you shouldn't stress

about it but with Venus guys you can

always always ask and they will give you

an honest reply that's true so what kind

of tips would you give what pitfalls

have your face when it comes down to

finish man let me know in the comments

below and make sure to check bar APIs

blog about this topic she made a pretty

pretty kick-ass post about this link

also in the description and make sure to

check out her other blogs as well she

makes some pretty kick-ass blogs about

Finland and we will see you next time

so Maura