How To Impress A Filipino Girl!!

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hey brah yeah I just got a date with

this cute Filipino girl

I got no idea to do gotta help me wait

you said a Filipino you're up yeah

oh wait a second I've got a perfect idea

am I gonna like it totally okay so

here's the earpiece I'm gonna be giving

you with this I could tell you what to

say and what to do so you'll definitely

impress her man dude you are so smart


nobody a doctor doctors okay Lucas shut

up you started selling my parents know

you want me to help you or not yeah dude

can't mess come on let's go let's go so

Filipinos are very family-oriented

they're pretty religious make it safely

assume that all Filipinos are nurses I'm

not even a nurse major you can just tell

her that you plan to switch majors okay

oh what's the most Filipino thing you

could think of okay so the most Filipino

thing ever is lip pointing it goes like

like that so if you're pointing at that

flower hmm like there hmm

dude so awesome man yeah man yeah so

what time's the date for what go there

but this there's a thing called Filipino

time take the time at an hour we're

always late all right yeah it is so


all right this works danke hey me loud

and clear guide me Yoda all right so go

let's say kamusta it means how are you

Maria Dan kamusta well Lupe what about

your booty what

no but looting means I'm fine oh my gosh

I'm sorry I meant um hi that's okay I'll

talk we're supposed to meet here at 4:00

yeah you know I

now you were gonna be like you know

you no time I don't know what you mean

by that

Filipino time you take time you had an

hour to it spread to good common

knowledge right it's science

well I got here at 4:00 sorry there's a

bench over here why don't you go take

over there hey you want to go sit at

that bench over there which one then

point with your lips and don't forget to

hum the farther the location the longer

hums gonna be which one

mmm okay wait you have to pray before

your meals oh sorry uh shall I say grace

what no it's just coffee right um okay

maybe she's not religious so what do you

like to do I do a little bit of

photography in my free time what are you

say karaoke maybe that could lead up to

a second day for a karaoke night well

when I'm not like saving a bunch of

lives wow you must be a good singer then

well you know what this is so great you

should do it again next time maybe

karaoke yes now go tell daddy love to it

into garlic gets it done' number ah

Tanya no more oh my god what is wrong

with you Oh Justin why did you follow me

like that

Justin answer me

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