10 Things That REALLY Impress A Woman! (Hint: NOT MONEY)

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just looking like like your check it

like you're checking me out like there

you go hold it perfect they're back

gentlemen those sassy Hair Styling

senoritas are here today to answer the

question what really impresses a woman a

few weeks ago I posted a video 10 things

women wish all guys did if you missed

that video I will link it down in the

description and it is definitely a must

watch I brought my camera in and asked

each of the women I said yo what is

something that you wished a guy did a

lot of the things I sort of assumed but

some of them were totally new to me and

it was a great video but today I went in

with another agenda I wanted to know

what really is something that impresses

a woman results are in and once again

mind blown by most of them some on the

other hand I kind of suspected like

number one really impresses me when guys

have nice shoes booze women notice guys

that wear stylish shoes I've been trying

to tell you this for frickin years and

here's the deal you don't need to spend

a ton of cash on great shoes you just

need the shoes to be cleaned be stylish

and be sexy number two it really

impresses me when I guy can open my car

door open a car door gentlemen but a

little word of wisdom something that I

learned the hard way when you open the

door for said spicy senorita you need to

make sure that all of her appendages are

in before you slam it one time her hand

up on the doorframe

I slammed she screams her hand was

broken number three it really impressed

me when a guy is going oh you like a guy

who's well-groomed put together and who

takes care of himself this is this is

what I've been trying to tell you number

four it really impresses me when a guy

knows how to cook a dude who cooks is

incredibly not only impressive it's

super sexy my wife fell in love with me

because the first time I came over to

her house I actually brought groceries

and made her pasta it was like the only

thing I know how to cook but it wasn't

about the actual meal it was about the


I'm kidding it was about the thought by

I really

like it when a guy wears a watch because

it shows his responsible dude who wears

a watch gentleman watches are not only

an incredible accessory they send the

subliminal message that a guy is

responsible they are reliable if you're

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really impresses me when a guy is

punctual be punctual be on time another

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Ben Sara's you got a watch because there

is absolutely no good excuse for being

late late is so incredibly disrespectful

it shows a total lack of regard for the

person's time that you're meeting and at

the end of the day you look like you

look like an [ __ ] number seven

presses me when a guy has good style in

stylish dressing with intention with

purpose paying attention to what you're

wearing and what you're putting together

is incredibly sexy and obviously it is

impressive we've talked a lot over the

years about style and the importance of

why you need to dress well but let me

break it down like this the world is a

super competitive place everybody is

competing for relationships for careers

for money for jobs and you cannot afford

not to pay attention because if you're

not your competition will be and at the

end of the day it's you versus them and

so you need to make sure you're looking

right number eight it really impresses

me when the guy is ambitious and presses

me when I guys are hard worker and

ambitious being ambitious being a hard

worker these are two traits and

characteristics that are so incredibly

desirable notice they didn't say has a

lot of money notice they didn't say

drives a nice car it's all about the

intent it's all about having ambition

and having the drive and the work ethic

to actually accomplish your goals

leading us the number nine and impresses

me Wow guys has its [ __ ] together and

it's really surprising when somebody

actually knows what they want out of

life for a relationship

you're [ __ ] together and you know what

you won this is something that is

incredibly impressive for anybody right

it is rare to meet somebody who really

has it going on in terms of their crap

together so many people in today's world

are an absolute disaster they don't know

what they're doing they don't know where

they're going and honestly they don't

know what they want and last but

certainly definitely absolutely not

least number 10 surprises me when a guy

has confidence confidence confidence

confidence yes confidence confidence it

always comes back around to confidence

and that is what the album YouTube

channel is all about helping you find

yours gentlemen here's the deal you're

amazing you're beautiful but down in the

comments I need you to do something let

me know what the next question is when I

go to get my hair cut again that I

should ask those sexy styling send your

readers of the dire and post the salon