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hi guys I'll welcome back to another

video so in today's video we are going

to be discussing how you can attract

yourself a Leo a woman of course I just

want to start by saying happy birthday

to all of you Leo's again I've left this

video very very far into the season but

just made it in time okay not forego

season yet no in order to know how to

attract and easily exam it is first very

important to look over the common

qualities and traits that come with the

sign and when it does come to that Leo

woman you will be able to notice her in

any cried she is regal she is sparkling

dazzling and she most likely the knot is

attracting all of the attention to her

she's also highly intelligent strong

passionate powerful charismatic and very

enthusiastic this is a woman who put so

much energy into everything she does

plus she will most likely have a very

comfortable home she will love with all

of her being and expect that her I see

him in return and with in love expect

this woman to be extremely loyal she is

fiercely independent vocal quite wild is

de Majan that lioness okay you will be

left not knowing what she's going to do


ultimately there is never a dull moment

when you're with the Leo woman and

you'll not be able to help but one more

she is passionate but especially when it

comes to love she is extremely

passionate when it comes to love she

goes all-in Leos give 100% when it does

come to a partner she requires someone

who walks shoulder to shoulder with her

and sense within the Leo woman there

lies is alpha female don't expect her to

play the traditional submissive feminine

rule to attract a Leo woman be willing

to let her take the lead sometime

rather than trying to call all the shots

yourself she might actually enjoy being

the one to do the asking I didn't -

making the arrangements so this when I

does come to attracting her be open to

trying her ideas or going along with

possible suggestions that she brings to

the table another way to attract her is

to try balling a little the flattery by

expressing to her that in your eyes

she's the most wonderful girl in the


or as Rihanna likes to put it the only

girl in the world a Leo woman will lap

it all up with relish and come back

again and again for more ultimately she

wants to know that she shines in your

very eyes but it is a huge mistake ever

to try to to slit her ego criticizing

her wounding her pride or trying to

humiliate her just might permanently

ruin your very romantic chances with her

just show her that to have her on your

arm would make you extremely proud this

is a woman as well who enjoys having a

lot a lot of fun so if your playful and

fun with her you'll most likely than not

boost your chances of capturing her

heart being playful and laughing a lot

and always looking as if you're really

enjoying yourself will make her want to

have you as this full-time companion but

acting too serious or constantly

complaining or getting really into the

heavy stuff she might not be overly fond

of this so to attract the leo woman's

admiration show her just how much you

are in love of life just being alive

just like she is

however she often might pretend to be

serious just to enhance the drama of the

situation this could possibly offend

some of the more emotional and

empathetic signs who may describe these

tendencies is a little bit superficial

though all the drama is just her way of

expressing herself really underneath

that big

or that big expresses behavior they're

often kind ly a very vulnerable person

who requires a lot of love and attention

give your affection and pull her in and

hug her to say gonna be okay leo

displays of a faction can really

encourage her because it's showing her

how much he adore I respect her simply

let her know that she is the most

important thing in your life and that

you're offering her this intense loyalty

just like she is going to be very loyal

to you plus she is attracted to someone

who's easy to talk to who is quick to

act on any opportunity who is open to

having a lot of fun but like I said

she's not overly fond of someone who

takes life too seriously or does not

know how to stop and just smell the

roses this is a woman who wants

excitement she wants thrill she wants

love without losing the focus of a very

destination this is because she's highly

highly ambitious she is not just going

to settle for a second place and we ever

feel that she works in even if she

chooses to be a home maker she will be

the leader of that home after all Leo's

are known to be natural-born leaders you

see this is a woman who not only plays

hard but she also works really hard and

if you do want to attract her work as

hard as you humanly possibly can because

she would be working in the same manner

however when it does come to the play

time she will put everything else and

that completes could be a matter of

having fun first and then work

afterwards or the other way around

I don't know in whichever order another

thing you got to keep in mind when it

comes to attracting her is to not rely

on this walnut if you want to attract

her you need to get through life on your

own merit because she will warm up

rather quickly to someone who mix their

own destiny ultimately it is not about a

Leo woman trying to fix her partner Leo

is about supporting their partner much

like she expects her partner

to support heart to try to find security

within yourself before trying to get

into a potential relationship with her

even with this though I do believe that

this is very important when it comes to

relationships in general you must love

yourself be secure in you before you get

into your relationship self-sufficiency

is just key when it comes to attracting

her if you get into a relationship with

a woman it will truly be two

self-sufficient people extending their

hearts together into love that is strong

is passionate and isn't reliable on the

other person truly a Leo woman expects

to be treated like Queen but once she

does fall in love with you she will

fully give in to her intensely intensely

romantic nature when I love her heart

will just be fully open okay guys so

that concludes my video on how you can

attract yourself a Leo

a woman thank you kindly to my current

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my channel it's good to have you here

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