How to Get Your Cousin to Like You?

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how to get your cousin to like you the

relationship between cousins can be very

close and deep maybe you were very close

but have grown apart because of physical

distance a misunderstanding or even

problems within your family no matter

what circumstance you can get your

cousin to like you and turn the

relationship into something that is

meaningful for both of you

gaining your cousin's trust one reach

out to them reestablishing contact with

your cousin will put you on the right

path to gaining their trust and getting

them to like you keep your first message

is simple so that you do not overwhelm

your cousin to be a good communicator

there are two parts to being a good

communicator speaking and listening talk

with your cousin and listen to what they

have to say this will show them that you

are serious about them in your

relationship 3 be respectful and

flexible make your cousin feel

comfortable and relaxed when you are

talking or spending time together being

respectful of them and flexible in your

own behavior will help gain their trust

and get them to like you more for meet

each other at a non family gathering

once you've had a chance to establish

consistent contact with your cousin

suggest meeting in person avoid doing

this at a family gathering however which

can be very stressful and exacerbate

problems building the relationship with

your cousin 1 show genuine interest in

them listen to what your cousin says and

draw on threads from conversations in

your interactions with them this shows

that you pay attention to what they say

and are genuinely interested in them in

your relationship to find commonalities

a good way to build your friendship with

your cousin and get them to truly like

us to find your commonalities

these will give you a starting point for

your interactions 3 talk and laugh often

talking to your cousin as often as your

schedules permit will build your

relationship significantly by keeping

your conversations positive and light

you will laugh often and strengthen your

relationship even more 4 do fun

activities together spending and having

a good time together at different

activities helps not only build your

relationship but also trust maintaining

the relationship with your cousin 1 stay

in contact it's natural for there to be

furious when you won't be in very close

contact with your cousin or be able to

get together but even sending a simple

message such as hey there hope you're

doing well lets them know that they're

important to you to continue to show you

care beyond staying in contact it's good

to show your cousin that you care about

them there are many simple ways to do

this from remembering their birthday to

offering to help with a problem 3 keep

your relationship respectful and

positive it's normal to have ups and

downs in any relationship but by keeping

their behavior towards your cousin

respectful and largely positive you'll


maintain your relationship long-term