10 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

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hey welcome back this has been so last

time I made a video talking about male


so this time I decided to make one about

female co-workers granted some

characteristics do overlap and since 75%

of my viewers are guys I think it's a

good idea just to throw this one out

there and to help you guys out just on

this I note Danny a few male co-workers

can be risky so proceed with caution I

just don't want you to lose their job so

with that being said here are 10 signs a

female co-worker likes you at work

number one she flirts with you she

teases you at work but you know it's

just like tease since she's not trying

to get it right up or anything

if she's comfortable she'll probably

make private jokes with you to have

those fun moments at work in addition

she'll try to flirt with you by touching

you and of course nothing major here

just hand to shoulder or a pat on the

back anything beyond that then you can

send her to the human resource office if

you like number two she gossips with you

at work in the work environment girls

tend to gossip a lot for guys not so

much if you're not much of a talker and

you don't care about the gossip then

continue on with work if work is greater

than girls then this is probably why

you're still single if you're able to

talk to girls you'll open doors and

opportunities you've never seen before

number three she shares personal stories

with you this is a good start instead of

just work work and work she actually

wants you to know more about her outside

of the work environment and you bet

she'll throw in a few embarrassing

stories to make you up yeah you know

that one time she got apple cider wasted

and puked all over the car hmm fun times

number four she likes being close to you

to be honest work is pretty boring

sometimes unless you're like that one

percent who actually loves their job

those are like the unicorns in this

world when she sees you she brightens up

and is happy around you it's like you're

her happy drugs she'll ask for your help

hang out with you during break and lunch

if there is a social outside work

you bet she'll go with you this is

probably a huge giveaway that she likes

you number five rumor has it that she

likes you

can spread like wildfire in the work

environment if you start hearing from

other co-workers that she likes you and

you have suspicions that she also likes

you then the rumor is most likely true

sometimes you can't get really busy with

work and can't tell don't worry everyone

in the room can see it but you Hey they

got your back

number six she seeks favors from you so

can you stay a little bit late for me

until I finish this work can you walk me

to my car would you like to grab a bite

after work can you give me a ride home

and what do they all have in common

extra time with you if you like her then

that's great if you reject her favors

then you are just a bad co-worker

yeah it's a lose-lose for you when you

say no number seven her eyes are always

on you whether she's looking at you

seductively or dreaming Lea you are her

eye candy I mean I guess you're too good

to be ignored it's a good thing though

when a girl stares at you a lot you

can't tell that she's interested in you

or perhaps you're wearing your shirt

inside out and you didn't know and she

might be too afraid to tell you I'm just


number eight she remembers the small

details about you she'll know what you

are working on when your birthday is

and even know how you like your coffee

if you take it up a notch and you

realize that she knows your family very

well and knows your schedule seven days

a week then you should be a little


coworkers tend not to be that nosy but

if she is there's something up with her

number nine

she complements you granted she could

just be a friendly co-worker but that

she'd go beyond saying it's great and

instead say nice things about your new

haircut or your new outfit choices like

hey that color of shirt really makes you

stand out or that shirt does indeed

makes you look muscular wink wink in

addition if she's attracted to you

she'll defend you from other co-workers

who's trying to bad-mouth you just

another side note to remember number 10

she cares about you let's say you caught

a cold during the weekend and Monday has

worked it it's 9 a.m. you're not at work

9:15 comes along and you're still not

out you're dead

she shoots you a few texts or perhaps

cause you just to check on you to see

how you're doing if she noticed that

you're missing and worries about your

health then there's a huge chance that

she likes you all because she actually

didn't drive to work today and she was

hoping you'll be at work so you can't

take her home and she really doesn't

want to ask buddy Susan on the other

side of the building overall we spent a

lot of time at work and it's easy to

start developing these attractions

towards your coworker if that's the case

make sure the attraction is mutual

meaning that you like her and you feel

like she likes you back the more she

expressed these signs the more she is

into you I can assure you that if you

aren't blind by your work you'll feel

her strong presence for you again do

consider your future when dating your

coworker it's risky bro I'm just trying

to look out for you hey if you liked

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your coworker and as always thanks for