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well hello hello and welcome once again

to skillopedia the place to learn skills

for the real world

my name is Rima and today we're going to

talk about something very interesting

and important we're going to talk about

how you can be a star in your boss's


now as employees all of us want our boss

to praise us we want a boss to think

that we are capable that we're unique

that were basically a star and that's

exactly what we're going to talk about I

have a few tips if you really apply

these tips in your workplace I promise

you your boss is going to think of you

as a star

the first place simple but difficult to


it's called walk the top meaning do what

you say say what you mean so if you make

a commitment at your workplace you have

to make sure that you deliver now let's

see you told your boss that you will do

a certain follow-up or you told your

boss that you will have a certain client

meeting or send a certain email well

make sure that you do what you see and

backup your words with action because

then your boss will start relying on you

your boss will start looking at you as

somebody who's reliable capable and that

will earn you a lot of points in his

eyes I know sometimes you know because

life is hectic and your routine is

hectic it's not always possible to keep

all your commitments but if you've made

a commitment to your boss make sure you

keep it because that little extra effort

will take you along

the next tip I have for you is be

proactive okay so as a boss and then if

you were a boss would you like an

employee who always needs to be told

what to do somebody who doesn't really

think for himself or herself no right no

be like such an employee so make sure

that you don't become such an employee

be a proactive employee meaning come up

with wonderful ideas execute them show

results be somebody who's willing to

take responsibility somebody who's

willing to put an extra effort somebody

who is able to stretch his or her

booties beyond your role because it's

always very important to show your boss

that you're a proactive worker who

values his position in the company and

who's willing to go the extra mile a

proactive person is also a

self-motivated person so somebody who's

proactive is motivated of his or her own

accord which means that person is always

driven always very very serious about

the work that he or she does and such an

employee is definitely an asset to the


so there is no where your boss is not

going to notice you if you are a

proactive worker trust me

be proactive and become a star


now the next step I have to do is a

little difficult to execute

it's called choose request over complete

now what places can sometimes be

challenging for you to keep your calm to

keep your cool to really be able to work

harmoniously with everyone present now

there may be times when you encounter

certain interpersonal problems with

certain people at your workplace and you

may have to bring up that issue with

your boss but when you're talking to

your boss how you're putting it forward

becomes very very important if you're

going to be an employee who goes and

complains to his or her boss that is not

going to show you in a really positive

light but if you choose a request over a

complaint it shows your maturity it also

shows your professionalism and team

spirit like for example let's say you're

having a little problem receiving

cooperation from the marketing team okay

and you go up to your boss and start

complaining about how inefficient and

unsupportive they are trust me your boss

is going to look at you as somebody

who's just complaining but if you go up

to your boss and say something like you

know what I just wanted to share

something with you I have a request if

you could support me in working with the

marketing team I would really appreciate

it now this request will really show

your professionalism it might even lead

to good relationship between you and the

marketing team in future and yes your

boss will definitely trust you more and

think of you as a staff

the next tip I have for you requires you

to do a lot of brain work

it's called become the solution Queen or

the solution King and what does this

mean life they say is full of problems

and organizations offices companies are

no different there are going to be

challenges and problems at every step

and yes we know it's your boss's

responsibility to resolve things or come

up with solutions but if you become that

one team member whose solution King or

solution Queen meaning if you really

work hard on trying to come up with a

solution if you really do that extra I

da ting that extra creative thinking and

come up with a creative solution for

problems you will really be highlighted

as an asset as a star in your team and

in the process of coming up with

solutions you will also hone your own

skills of problem solving and these are

a great asset so whether it's fair boss

of yourself you must become the solution

King or the solution queen of the office

and that way you are definitely on your

way to becoming the office star

now the next tip I have for you in order

to become a star in your boss's eyes has

got to do with that one word behind

which everyone's running and that word

is called growth that's right

well my tip for you is manage your own

growth now if you have a vision for

yourself in the company if you want to

grow at a certain pace make sure you're

working on yourself make sure you're

working hard you're working sincerely

you're doing all the things correctly in

order to go on the path of that growth

there are certain employees who keep

waiting to be grown meaning they keep

relying on their bosses to work on their

growth and that happens to be the

biggest mistake they can ever make if

you want to work on your own growth it's

the best thing you can do for yourself

because that way you become ambitious

you become a go-getter you become good

at your work you become a sincere

hard-working employee and your boss can

see your efforts the moment he starts

seeing and noticing your efforts you not

only become a star in his eyes but your

growth is then a short so make sure that

you're not sitting back and relying on

your boss to make sure that you grow

make sure that you become a go-getter

and manage your own growth in the

organization in order to become a star

now in order to become a star in your

boss's eyes it's important that you

become a star team player that's right

we all have to work with people we all

have to work in teams large or small

it's important to be someone who's great

to work with someone who's really

supportive someone who's friendly

positive and someone who has great

interpersonal skills when you become a

star team player you become popular

amongst your colleagues you develop good

relationships you make the work

atmosphere easy and positive and that

makes the boss notice you because all he

frankly wants is people who enjoy

working with each other and who work

well together so well if you end up

becoming the boss's dream employee what

stops you from becoming a star in his

eyes so make sure that you're a good

team player in order to prove that

you're a good employee

and the last tip I have for you in order

to become a star in your boss's eyes is

actually quite interesting you have to

ease your boss's life now you're

wondering how can you ease your boss's

life well I'm not suggesting that you do

domestic chores for your boss because

that would be completely unprofessional

I'm trying to tell you that you should

make the process of working very easy

for your boss so let's say your boss

mentions to you in passing that there's

a new project coming up if you can do

some prior research for this project and

submit it to your boss it will kind of

ease the workload on him okay if you see

certain glitches or hitches in the

workplace if you look for solutions and

go to the boss with new ideas create the

solutions without being asked to do so

your boss might appreciate your efforts

because all said and done all the boss

wants is an employee who's not only

selfish who's not just looking for his

own growths but who's also thinking in

the company's interest when the boss

sees you as a person who really really

is loyal to the company and things in

the interest of the company you will

definitely become a star in his eyes but

I really hope that you've enjoyed

listening to these tips which will make

you a star in your boss's eyes now and

none of these are solutions let me make

you a star overnight so keep working

hard slow and steady wins the race and

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keep enjoying the process of learning

this is me Rima signing out

keep watching skillopedia the place to

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