7-Second Pickup Trick For Waitresses, Bartenders & Baristas

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Tripp Kramer here from the internet web daily show

here on YouTube and today we're gonna be talking about how to hit on, pick up, talk

to, get in touch with the girl who's working. No not your coworker and not

your colleague. I mean the girl who's actually in the middle of work.

The waitress, the bartender, the barista, the girl who's in the middle of her job and

you see her and you're like wow. She's cute. I want to talk to her.

Something about her. Today we're gonna go over a little technique that

could help you get a date with this girl. Before I go into the technique of

course I got to do my long intro just so you can write in the comments Tripp get

to the point because I love seeing that almost every single time. You know what?

I don't care.

We stopped at the largest or second largest but definitely one of the largest

waterfalls in all of Sri Lanka so let's take you up in the sky right now.

Okay so here's what you have to know; this technique of course is not going to work

every single time. But it's my job here to give you advice, techniques, tricks,

strategies, mindsets to use that will at least bring you a little bit further and

sometimes things will work, sometimes they won't work. There's no

guarantees because here's the thing; dating is really not a science.

If anything I see it more as experimentation. Little things will work

for some people, other things work with other people.

It's about experimenting and trying new things out to see if it will work for

you so here is the technique. You're gonna say it just like this I'm gonna

actually give you the word-for-word script here on what to do. She's

working, you see her there, catch her there for a very quick moment when she's

not talking to someone else and you're gonna go up to her and

you're gonna say "Hey I know you're busy but I think you're cute and it'd be fun

if we got a coffee sometime." You're gonna say that first then the second part is

you're gonna hand over a card, a napkin, a piece of paper with your

handwritten phone number on it and then you're gonna hand it to her. And that's it.

It's gonna take you about 7 seconds to do. See? That wasn't click bait.

It actually does take you 7 seconds and then you're just gonna wait and that's

it and that's the best you could do. Now why that over anything else? Well here's

the deal; the girl who's working is busy. You don't have time to be able to get

her attracted to you but when you're going and doing this technique, there is

confidence in this and so that initially can (maybe not) but it can get her

attracted. So you're already showing a masculine trait right off the bat and it

gives you what I believe is the best chances of being able to succeed when a

girl is very busy. Here's the thing I will never ever, ever tell you to do this

in any other situation. I never want you to give your number to a girl and say

if she's just walking down the street or if she's not working you just

give her a number and then go from there. That is not good because you actually

had the chance to get her attracted. Don't cop out and do this for any other

situation but if a girl is working. You want more, I got more a few. There's

another way to do this. It's a little bit different and I want to give you the

options here. The other way you can do this is similar to what I was

saying before. You want to make sure that you have enough time to be

able to get her attracted to you because with a girl or a woman it doesn't take

seconds look for a guy. A guy sees a girl is attracted likes her, we go on a

date with her. For a woman, it takes a little bit longer so that's why you need

the opportunity to be able to talk to them and display your personality.

Obviously like I said you can't really do that when the girl is working but you

might be able to if you catch her at an off moment so a lot of

servers, bartenders they're usually dead at work somewhere around 4 to 6pm.

when they're on their shifts just getting started or when they're ending

their shifts so this isn't the worst time to go and start a conversation with

them and you might be able to do that. But still I like the original technique

because their mind is not in ok let's see if I get a date with this guy or

find a boyfriend. Their mind is in work and so it's a little bit more difficult

to get their mind off of that when they're in the middle of it. But you

never know, you could try it out if you go to your local pub every day (every

day then you're an alcoholic) if you go to a restaurant frequently, you

see the same server, maybe it's a good idea to go when she first starts

her shift to be able to have a little bit of a

conversation with her and then exchange information. For a real life testimonial

on this technique let's enter Potter.

Okay here she is enter Potter.

Ok, you need some time. Here she is Potter at @Potter. Check her out at

Instagram. Link in the description below. So you said that this is actually

happened to you where a guy has come up to when you were working as a server and

done this on you. Given you his number and what happened after that?

I ended up dating that person. It's happened to me multiple times

and every time even if I've had a boyfriend, I've at least texted to them and

been like hey it was really sweet of you to give me your number, you seem really

sweet but I actually have a boyfriend or if he gave me his number and I

wasn't interested I'd be like hey I'm actually not dating right now or whatever.

But I would always text that person because I thought it was just such a

cool gesture and I think girls like it that they are put in a position of power.

They're in control. You're giving them a physical number

that they can hang on to to decide whether or not they want to text you.

Alright, can we try this out? Can we get you guys to try this? I want to hear if

this works for you. Go out, try this and see what happens and let's see if you

get a response. Might work, might not, like I told you before, it's not an exact

science. We don't know what's gonna happen but it's one idea to take

you to the next step to get the girl that you want right? Right.

And also you can do this reverse. Can I say that? What? Did you already said that? What?

That you can do reverse if you're working and you want to talk to a girl who comes in to your work.

Oh okay. So you're saying if you're working, so if

you're the bartender or if you're the server.

Just hope you don't get fired for harassing a ....No, I've had it

happen to me before where a bartender gave me his number.

Basically you just give her a number and she'll text you.

That's not true.

I think we just reached sunset here now at Marissa Beach. Such a beautiful place.

If you're ever in Sri Lanka, this is the beach to go to. Some other thoughts I

wanted to share with you on this concept of meeting girls who are working

is I'll be honest with you I'm not really a big fan of it and if you know

me well, if you know my videos well, you know I'm not really a fan of you

know trying desperately hard to get that one girl and I feel like this

kind of falls in that category of that one girl who's happens to be a

waitress, happens to be a bartender because I think it's very rare that a

guy is looking up this video just so they can know how to do that in the

future. I think you're probably watching this video because you know a girl who

happens to be a waitress, happens to be a bartender and you want to hit on her.

And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that, but what's wrong with

part of it or the part I have a problem with is the fact that you're really just

trying so hard super hard on that one girl and I get it.

There's a there's a little bit of romance to it I'm sure. It's romantic

in a sense like oh I'll do anything for that one girl. But I don't want

to set you up for disappointment. I don't want you to be working really hard after

that one girl that you really like, trying everything in the book and then

all of a sudden it doesn't work out and then you feel miserable, you feel rejected

and it's difficult for you to move on and meet someone else. I don't want that

for you. But still let's see if you can use it.

Like I said, go check it out try to use it. Write in the comments down below if

it worked for you. And if you need more help with texting because if she does

text you, you're gonna need to know how to text her. Get the 7 deadly text

messages that she can't resist below in the description. As always everything's

in the description, it's all there for you. Alright I'm gonna enjoy the rest of

this sunset and I'll show you what it looks like in just a second here so you

can enjoy it with me. Peace.